3 Tips For Advancing Your Pharmacy Career ::

You have landed your first job as a pharmacy technician. You are no longer a student, but a pharmacy professional. It is time to begin planning for the future – thinking about what kind of career path you will take. Everyone wants to advance in their career. Here are a few ways to help you move ahead in yours if you are a pharmacy technician.

  1. Get certified

Earning certifications in specialty areas can help make you more attractive to potential employers, as well as helping you to move ahead in your career. The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) offers certificate programs in the areas of sterile products, compounding and chemotherapy.

Most health-system pharmacy settings require IV sterile products certification and/or prior experience in order to be considered for employment. The same is true for chemotherapy.

NPTA’s chemotherapy certification course has been designed to train pharmacy professionals on the proper handling of hazardous drugs, and the compounding certification course has been designed to train pharmacy technicians on the topic of extemporaneous, non-sterile pharmaceutical compounding.

Extemporaneous pharmaceutical compounding is both an art and a science. Advanced career path options are available for pharmacy technicians with a comprehensive knowledge of compounding and experience with the latest equipment, techniques and methods.

  1. Management opportunities

It is possible to move into some type of management position if you have enough experience working as a pharmacy technician. However, these types of jobs are, for the most part, available only at larger pharmacies and healthcare systems that run hospitals and long-term care facilities.

  1. Improving your soft skills

Soft skills are essentially people skills, as opposed to the technical skills you need to do the job. These are skills such as planning and organizing, communication skills and leadership skills.

Honing these skills will not only enable you to do your job more effectively, it will give you more opportunity to advance. Developing these skills will help you perform better and make you a more valuable employee.

You can improve these skills through traditional classroom learning, online courses or even by doing volunteer work.

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