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The cover letter has the same purpose as the resume – to sell yourself to an employer, to show the employer what sets you apart from every other applicant and why they should hire you. It is an opportunity to show the employer more of your personality and what motivates you.

  1. Dive right in

Get to the point quickly. Don’t waste time in what writers like to call throat-clearing, that is, wasted space. Examples of throat-clearing – starting by giving your name, what job you are applying for, or your qualifications, all of which the hiring manager already knows.

Begin with a story or anecdote that shows something about you, what drives you or why you are interested in this type of job.

  1. Talk more about your achievements

You can also use the cover letter to give a narrative of your accomplishments and to describe what you have done in more detail.

  1. Adapt your letter

You cannot simply write one letter and send it to every place you apply. You have to adjust your letter to the particular healthcare organization to which you are applying. This is where your research will help you – the information you have gathered about the organization’s goals, mission, and values from places like the company website and annual reports. You can also use the job description to get an idea of the particular kinds of skills and capabilities the organization is looking for so that you can relate experiences where you used those skills.

  1. Fill in the gaps

Use the cover letter to answer questions that may have been raised by your resume. For example, you may have a gap in your work history. The cover letter would be a good place to explain why there was a gap and what you did during the time when you were unemployed.

  1. Edit your cover letter

What we write is never polished the first time around. In order to make the letter as compelling, clear, and precise as possible, you need to revise and rewrite.

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