Reasons to be Glad You Chose a Career in Pharmacy ::

Some days, when things get busy, patients are complaining and mishaps occur, a pharmacist might take a dim view of their profession. Some may even counsel students to avoid it as a career because of the increasing competition among pharmacy graduates in the job market.

But even with all of the pitfalls, pharmacists in general are high on their profession as one of the best. Here are a few reasons why.

Different career choices

A pharmacist who enjoys working directly with patients can go into retail pharmacy. Those with a desire for working with more complex pharmacy tasks can go to work in a hospital pharmacy or work in research.

There are a number of specialty certifications available as well. Pharmacists have a range of career choices.

More flexibility

Pharmacists can choose to work a day, evening or night shift, depending on their situation and preference. Or they can work part time.


Pharmacists are well paid. Immediately after graduation, a pharmacist can earn more than $100,000. The average pharmacist salary is more than $116,000 a year, according to Forbes magazine.

A close professional community

Pharmacists have a network of colleagues to call upon if they need help, advice or just to socialize. Pharmacists form a real community, held together by bonds of respect.


If you are new to the profession, there are many pharmacists out there who are happy to act as mentors, to give you the benefit of their experience, help you with problems and to give career advice.

Admired profession

As part of the healthcare community, pharmacists are among the most respected professionals, along with physicians and nurses. They are respected for their knowledge, having attained advanced degrees, the tremendous responsibility they shoulder in administering medications, and their career mission of helping others.

Freedom on the job

Pharmacists work for the most part independently, and as professionals, set their own priorities, goals, tasks and routines.

The best reason of all – helping people

As a pharmacist, you can make a direct and significant difference in people’s lives. You are helping them to live better, to lead more full and enjoyable lives by helping them to maintain their health and well being.

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