Tips for Pharmacists to Keep Up with Evolving Patient Care Trends ::

Retail pharmacy is undergoing a great deal of change, and pharmacists need to change as well to remain competitive. You need to have flexibility to keep up with the latest trends. Here are a few tips on staying current.

The Continued Growth of Medicare

As baby boomers age, Medicare beneficiaries become an ever-larger part of the patient population. More than 42 million people are now in Medicare Part D plans. People age 50 to 64 fill an average of 28 prescriptions a year per person. Taking care of these people is essential to the operation of your pharmacy

Actions to Take

You can market your pharmacy to seniors, help them with their Medicare plan options during the open enrollment times, and build relationships with physicians in your community so they will refer more seniors to you. Also, join a preferred pharmacy network for Medicare.

The Growth of Preferred Pharmacy Networks

You need to have access to these networks because of the large number of people they cover. Almost all Medicare Part D plans now include preferred pharmacy networks.

Actions to Take

Because of the importance of these networks, it is also essential to gain access to them. To remain a part of these networks, however, you need to meet certain performance requirements. To help with both of these things, you can join a pharmacy services administrative organization, which can help you get into a preferred network and help you to maintain the performance standards necessary.

Patients Want More Personalized Care

People are turning to pharmacists more often for basic care, especially because of the shortage of primary care physicians. Is your pharmacy able to provide this service?

Actions to Take

Look for new services you can offer your customers. It could be anything from offering vaccinations and screenings to synchronizing medications. Also, try to make your workflow more efficient, so pharmacists have more time to spend with patients, talking with them about medication management.

Growth of Specialty Medications

Specialty drugs are a huge part of the market, accounting for more than half of all drug sales. Breaking into this market may be more difficult but it is worth the effort.

Actions to Take

When it comes to specialty drugs, community pharmacies cannot provide the range of medications that a specialty pharmacy can. But community pharmacies can still grab some of this market by focusing on the specialty drugs that their patient populations are most likely to need. In order to handle these drugs, clinical services are also needed – anytime access to pharmacists with knowledge of disease states, counseling services for specific conditions, case management and medication adherence programs.

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