4 Ways to Improve Efficiency in Your Pharmacy ::

Every business is looking for places where it can increase efficiency and productivity. Pharmacies are no exception. There are always processes and procedures that can be improved.

Increasing efficiency in your pharmacy begins with checking some benchmarks — the industry standards for pharmacies relating to performance and productivity. This will give you some idea where you stand and what you need to look at. Here are some other actions to take.

Staff Productivity

How efficient is your staff in filling prescriptions? Are they too slow? To make improvements, look at schedules to see if changes are needed. Do you need to hire more people?

Another reason for productivity problems could be a lack of training. Does your staff have the skills needed to perform their jobs well? Do they know the procedures well enough? Assess the performance of each person to determine if they need more training.

Buying Medications

Medications are one of the most expensive purchases for a pharmacy. To increase efficiency here and reduce costs, pharmacies can join group purchasing organizations, buy long term in order to obtain lower-cost contracts, get access as quickly as possible to generic drugs, use tiered discount programs, and look at backorders to get credit for items that have not been delivered.

Managing Inventory

Manage your inventory more efficiently and save time by setting up guidelines for inventory minimums, setting maximum and minimum amounts for reordering prescription drugs, training people on how to control inventory by updating maximum and minimum levels to eliminate delays, and putting together an inventory management system that sets drug levels based on demand.

Using Technology

Automated dispensing systems can also greatly help improve efficiency and manage inventory. They also improve safety measures. Having such a system can help lower the amount of time staff have to spend on addressing medications that are out of stock. Pharmacy technicians can be used for other duties rather than spending time refilling scripts.

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