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Healthcare providers have been dealing with HIPAA guidelines for some time now, and most are familiar with the regulations. An important part of the law protects patients’ health information, whether it is in a computer system, on paper or even communicated orally.

Under the law, the following information is protected; that is, it cannot be divulged to anyone other than those caring for the patient without the patient’s permission – the patient’s name, address, age, and Social Security number; the person’s physical or mental health condition; any medical care that has been provided to the person; and information about payments for care that can be used to identify the person.

The law also requires healthcare organizations to have safeguards in place to prevent the unauthorized release of such patient information, and this includes pharmacies.

Even with such safeguards, human error is always possible, and sometimes people make mistakes that can inadvertently divulge protected information. To reduce the chances of that happening in a pharmacy, experienced pharmacists recommend taking some simple security measures

Protecting Health Information

When talking in a public space with another healthcare professional, refrain from using a patient’s name. Refer to the person instead by their initials or some other identifier known only to those who are involved in the treatment of the patient. When talking about a patient in public, always be aware of who is around you.

Avoid talking in public with a patient about their condition. If the patient brings it up, then it is acceptable.

Do not look in a patient’s record if you are not providing care for that person, even if the person is a family member or friend. Also, resist the temptation to take a peek at the medical record of a patient who is a celebrity.

Make sure computer passwords for databases of health information are complex enough to deter hackers. Also, check to be sure your technology is in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Make sure a patient has given permission for a family member to receive the patient’s health information before talking with the relative.

Do not put information about patient cases on social media.

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