Improve Customer Experience with These Five Tips ::

If you want your customers coming back, your pharmacy needs to deliver services that give people an exceptional healthcare experience. With the right technology and service-oriented culture, you can exceed customer expectations and maintain their loyalty.

Here are some ways to do it.

Pharmacy Apps

Informing people about mobile apps can help patients stay on track with their medications. There are several free apps that help patients track their medication use, with reminders to take pills, logs of taken or ignored pills that can be emailed to the physician, photos for each type of pill, and estimated medication prices from different pharmacies. Some will link to national drug databases to give you information about the medication, such as side effects, precautions and drug interactions.

Some well-known apps include RxmindMe, MedCoach, GoodRx, Pill Monitor, Pill Tracker and MedTracker


Many pharmacies offer vaccinations for illnesses like the flu and shingles.  But to deliver better service, go above and beyond, offering immunizations for many other conditions, everything from adenovirus to yellow fever.

Travel Health Services

Another way of providing exceptional service is by informing patients who are traveling how to avoid health problems, such as diarrhea or malaria, in addition to offering vaccines for foreign travel. The Centers for Disease Control provide health information for international travel, known as the Yellow Book. The advice in the Yellow Book is updated annually.

Efficient Dispensing

No one likes waiting in lines, and the same is true for patients at a pharmacy. Pharmacies can improve service by improving their dispensing processes and procedures with planning and technology.

There are many different software programs available to improve the workflow in a pharmacy, helping staff to better prioritize and organize tasks to dispense medications more efficiently and quickly.

Improved Packaging

To make taking medications simpler and easier, many pharmacies are repackaging all different kinds of medications – prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, even supplements. They are using containers like blister packs, strips and other forms of packaging.

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