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What is a personal brand? It is a way of identifying what makes you unique, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make you different from everyone else, the value that you and only you can bring to an employer.

Companies have brand names that immediately raise a certain image in the mind of the consumer. They are so well known that the name alone conjures up an image – Coke, Disney, Google. In the same way, a personal brand is the creation of an image that you want to present of your value and expertise.

As the pharmacy job market becomes more competitive, having a strong personal brand could make the difference in finding the job you want.  Here are some things you can do to build your personal brand.


This is not something you only do when looking for a job. It is something you should be doing all the time. By engaging with colleagues in your profession, you increase your exposure, stay up to date with the ideas, trends, and events going on in the field of pharmacy, and learn new things. You develop contacts you can rely on for advice.


Advances in healthcare and technology are opening up new opportunities for pharmacists, for example, in areas like functional medicine, medication therapy management, and in the pharmaceutical industry. Getting involved in these or other developing areas is a powerful way to develop a personal brand.

Additional training through board certification is another way to improve your personal brand. For example, there are programs where you can become board certified as a pharmacotherapy specialist or medical affairs specialist.

Social media

This is another great way to enhance your personal brand.

Establish a presence on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Establishing a LinkedIn profile is a must. When you apply for a job, you can be sure an employer will be checking out your account.

You can use your social media accounts to network, present your own thoughts and ideas about your profession by blogging, and comment on the thoughts of others. It helps you to establish your professional bona fides.

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