Consider These Five Things Before Looking for a New Pharmacy Job ::

Before deciding on a job offer, there are several factors you should consider. For many, the decision hinges solely on the salary and benefits. Although these are among the most important considerations, others could make a real difference in determining whether you will be happy in the job or not and that you need to think about it. Here are a few.

The Company Culture

Consider the work environment. What is it like? Is it more of a hierarchical structure or more of a collaborative, team environment? More formal or casual? Do the people seem to get along well with each other?

Is it the type of environment where you would feel comfortable working, where you would fit in?

The Location

Location is important, and consider if you will enjoy living in a particular city or town. For example, If you are a person who enjoys living in the city, you should think twice about taking a job in a more rural environment.

Do you like the community where your workplace is located? Does it have the kind of recreational, educational, and cultural offerings that you are interested in? If you have a family, investigate the school system to see if it is acceptable. What is the crime rate like in the community?

The Commute

Think about how long it will take you to get to work each day. If it is a longer commute, is that something you can live with, or will spending several hours in the car each day be too much to handle?


What is the cost of living like where you will be working? At first glance, the salary may look good, but if you will be working in a city with a high cost of living, it may not go as far as you think it will.

Your Boss

This may be the most important consideration. It is said that people leave bosses, not jobs. Your boss can make your job heaven or hell. Learn as much as you can about the person you will be working for and consider if this is someone you will be able to get along with.

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