Is the Future of Pharmacy Working from Home? ::

As the role of pharmacists expands, their workplace may soon as well. In the past, most pharmacists could be found behind a pharmacy counter. But advancing technology and changes in the healthcare landscape may open up new opportunities for pharmacists to work remotely.

Pharmacists are now taking on roles in healthcare compliance and regulation, clinical care and research, health economics, managed care, and medical affairs, among other healthcare sectors. These are positions that may allow pharmacists to work from home.

For pharmacists looking to begin their careers or looking to make a career change, several positions will enable them to work from home. Here are a few.

Working for Health Insurers

Many pharmacists employed by large health insurance organizations work from home in different areas, such as prior authorization analysis, investigating fraud and abuse, and analyzing new drugs for formulary management.

Community Pharmacy

Even pharmacists in the retail end of the profession are now working remotely through telemedicine and telepharmacy, which are becoming much more popular.

Specialty Pharmacy

Pharmacists with expertise in specialty areas are also working remotely as consultants.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Some pharmacists who work for pharmaceutical and biotech firms are doing their job from home as medical science liaisons and even as sales representatives.

Clinical Research

Pharmacists employed by clinical research organizations can also work from home as research associates and clinical monitors.

Healthcare Journalism

Pharmacists who enjoy writing and communicating can work from home as healthcare writers, editors, reviewers, and consultants.

Pharmacists who work from home extol the benefits of the arrangement. They say it offers them more flexibility – running errands over lunchtime, for example — and more time since they have no commute to worry about. It is especially helpful for working parents.

The downside is a lack of contact with colleagues. But home-based pharmacists remedy that situation through technology with instant messaging and video conferences. Working from home also requires the discipline to tune out distractions and focus on the work.

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