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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, accounting for 647,000 fatalities each year. Because pharmacists interact with patients so often, they can play an important role in heart disease prevention and disease management, helping to reduce the number of deaths.

However, healthcare organizations have been slow to take advantage of pharmacists’ expertise in this area. But they can make valuable contributions to patient care for heart disease, providing recommendations for drug therapy based on their knowledge of such things as electrolytes, allergies, and drug interactions.

Pharmacists can help in other ways too, such as reducing hospital readmissions. When patients are discharged, pharmacists can educate the patients about the drugs they have to take, which will prevent them from returning to the hospital or clinic later. After a heart attack, people admitted to the hospital are normally taking four to six new drugs to help treat their condition.

It is also essential to educate patients about conditions associated with heart diseases, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Here too, pharmacists can talk to patients about lifestyle habits and medication in treating these auxiliary conditions. Pharmacists can help to ensure that patients are adhering to their medication schedules in treating these problems.

Covid-19 and Heart Disease

The coronavirus pandemic has also created a dire need for greater patient education among those with cardiovascular conditions. These patients need to understand the danger posed by the virus to people like themselves who have pre-existing conditions like heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Pharmacists can play a key role in helping to educate patients about this situation, as well as how to maintain healthy living habits while taking precautions against the virus.

Because people are staying at home to avoid contact with others, they may not be getting enough exercise or maintaining a healthy diet. Pharmacists can talk to them about how this is affecting their health – their cholesterol levels, blood pressure and weight, for example, and what they can do about it.

Pharmacists play an important role in counseling and educating patients about their treatment and medications, and even acting as liaisons with other healthcare professionals.

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