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Burnout among pharmacists is becoming more of a problem, and the pandemic is making it worse.

In a recent survey of pharmacists around the country, about one-third said they were feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. According to medical experts, burnout is defined by three characteristics – physical and emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and loss of control.

More of a Problem with Community Pharmacists

Burnout is more severe among community pharmacists than those working in hospitals. Community pharmacists experience higher levels of exhaustion from work, are not as engaged with other staff, and do not feel the same sense of professional satisfaction as those working in hospitals or other settings.

One major factor contributing to burnout is the demand to distribute medications quickly. Community pharmacists are constantly under pressure to dispense the drugs as efficiently as possible in the shortest amount of time. Also, community pharmacies are expected to provide other patient care and public health services, such as immunizations, vaccinations, screenings, and testing.

Burnout is most acute among pharmacists working at chain organizations. These pharmacists complain of not having as much control over their work as they would like. This stands to reason, pharmacy leaders say, because there is a corporate structure at chain pharmacies, and more decisions are made at a corporate level. Moreover, workloads have increased a good deal at chain pharmacies, while staffing has decreased, conditions that contribute to higher stress levels among pharmacists.

Work Environment and Burnout

Burnout is often related to how the work environment is structured, whether work conditions support resilience in the face of challenges, according to pharmacy leaders. These conditions include the demands of the job, workload, and work hours. When these become too great, resilience suffers.

Pharmacists are eager to fulfill the responsibilities of their profession and to take on additional duties. They are providing essential portals of access for patients. But the constraints imposed by employers may sometimes present a hindrance to them practicing at an optimal level. Employers are not always providing the level of support that pharmacists require.

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