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Asking for a raise, no matter what profession you are in, is always an anxiety-producing experience. But if you feel you deserve one, talk to your supervisor about it. Preparation is key. Being prepared will instill more confidence when you meet with your supervisor. Here are a few tips.

Be Prepared

Before talking to your supervisor, determine your approach. What are you going to say, how are you going to make your case? Have facts and figures ready to support your argument, tangible results that show your value to your employer. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror or before a friend or colleague.

Begin by making some notes. Draw up a list of your accomplishments in the job – times you went above and beyond, times you saved your employer money, and times you increased efficiency.

Do some research on the money side as well. Find out generally how much pharmacists with your experience and your level of responsibility are making. Many websites around today can help you with this. This will give you a starting point.

Enlist the help of customers. Testimonials of your work from patients will also help you to make a strong case.

Even if your supervisor cannot offer you a raise now, discuss possibilities for the future and what you need to do to put yourself in a position for a raise.

Get Advice

Talk to colleagues where you work or contact other pharmacists on professional websites to find out their experiences and strategies when asking for a raise. When did they do it, how did they go about it? What did they say, how did they prepare? Find out what worked for them and use it in your own presentation.

Think About Benefits

When asking for a raise, most people focus on the money but consider fringe benefits as well. Even if your employer cannot offer you more money, they may offer more in the way of benefits because they may have more freedom of movement in this area.

For example, ask about more vacation days, or working remotely on some days, tuition reimbursement, or changing work responsibilities to allow you to take on new challenges.

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