Five Important Tips for New Pharmacy Students ::

Beginning pharmacy school is a new and exciting opportunity. You will have a tremendous amount of material to absorb over the course of four years. But at the end, you can look forward to a fulfilling and challenging new career. Here are a few tips from pharmacy professors to make sure your time at school… Read more »

How the Role of Pharmacists Is Changing in the 21st Century ::

As medicine and technology advance in the 21st century, those in healthcare professions increasingly find themselves examining and redefining their roles in the face of this change. This holds true for the pharmacy profession. Why Roles Are Changing As the expectations of the public change, as new work conditions and pressures emerge, as new scientific… Read more »

Food Allergens Pharmacists Need to Know About ::

As pharmacists take on more active roles in drug therapy for patient care, one thing they need to be aware of is food allergies that can lead to reactions or intolerance to certain drugs. Here are some noteworthy food allergies pharmacists need to keep in mind. Pork Allergies Hypersensitivity to pork can cause a reaction… Read more »

Five Skills You Absolutely Need to be a Pharmacist ::

Recent pharmacy graduates have a solid foundation in the technical aspects of the job; the medical knowledge that is required. But practicing pharmacy involves more than dispensing medication. Other skills are needed to do the job well, some of them hard skills, some soft. Here are a few of the most important ones that new… Read more »

The Benefits of Pharmacists in Accountable Care Organizations ::

Accountable care organizations have been described as networks of doctors and hospitals that share the financial and medical responsibility for providing collaborative care to patients with the idea of holding down unnecessary costs. Pharmacists have a role to play in these organizations as well, in areas like population health and patient care, according to pharmacy… Read more »

Scientific Research on Identifying High-Potential Employees ::

High-potential employees are those with the talent to make a big impact on an organization. They have the capacity to make an outsized contribution to the productivity of the business. Usually just a small percentage of the workforce makes most of the contribution toward productivity – the top 20 percent contributes to 80 percent of… Read more »

Five Tips for Listing Professional Skills on Your Resume ::

When putting together a resume, it’s important to include the skills you have acquired. This includes hard skills, such as coding or accounting, which can be measured, and soft skills, such as communicating well and working with others. Here are a few tips on how to list your skills for the most impact. List both… Read more »

How Collaboration Between Pharmacists and Physicians Can Improve Care ::

Over the past ten years, physician-pharmacist team-oriented healthcare has increased in popularity. There is a growing body of evidence to support this delivery framework and its effectiveness. Pharmacists in this arrangement are typically responsible for reviewing the medication histories of patients, identifying factors that could affect medication adherence and adjusting the medication program as needed…. Read more »

Tips for Improving Accountability in the Workplace ::

No one would dispute that accountability is important. Everyone needs to be held responsible for their work. And for the most part, employees want that; they want to do a good job. Ensuring accountability becomes a matter of providing feedback, enough of it and the right kind, so workers know what they are supposed to… Read more »

What are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Pharmacists? ::

Being a pharmacist can be hard on your feet. You spend a lot of time standing. Without comfortable shoes, you may end up with pain in your feet, knees or back. So, finding comfortable footwear is more important for a pharmacist than you may realize. Don’t neglect this important detail. Here are a few ideas… Read more »