Stand Out with Specialized Certification ::

In the past, having the PharmD degree was a real mark of distinction. But now, since all pharmacy students need to earn a PharmD to graduate, the degree is no longer something that distinguishes someone from all the other pharmacists. As a result, some pharmacists are looking for other ways to stand out in the… Read more »

Show Off Your Skills With The Perfect Cover Letter ::

The cover letter has the same purpose as the resume – to sell yourself to an employer, to show the employer what sets you apart from every other applicant and why they should hire you. It is an opportunity to show the employer more of your personality and what motivates you. Dive right in Get… Read more »

Preparing for the Interview the Right Way ::

You have been asked to come in for a job interview. How should you prepare for it? Here are a few tips. Do your research Find out as much as you can about the healthcare organization. This includes its mission, values and goals, along with the more nuts and bolts facts about the place. Much… Read more »

How Following Up Can Help You Get the Job ::

You have gone through a lot of preparation for your job interview – researching the healthcare facility and practicing answers to interview questions. After the interview, however, there is still one more thing you need to do, something that is just as important as your preparation. Thank-You Note That is writing a note to the… Read more »

More Focus on Drug Packaging Design to Reduce Errors ::

There are a number of different safety measures that healthcare providers follow when administering drugs, such as ensuring the right drug is given to the right patient at the right time with the right dosage and right route of administration. But safety measures for drugs go beyond the administration of the medication. The measures extend… Read more »

Choosing Between a Retail or Hospital Pharmacy Career ::

Pharmacists can work in a number of different settings, but two of the most common are a hospital or the retail sector. Which you choose may depend on your personality and interests. Here is a brief description of each type of environment. Retail The drugstore pharmacist is someone well known to the general public. We… Read more »

How to Find Your First Pharmacy Position ::

Looking for your first job? Not sure where to start? There are several different places where you can begin your job search, and you want to make use of all of them to give yourself the best chance of landing a job. Here are a few resources where you can get started. Healthcare staffing agencies… Read more »

The Importance of Work-Life Balance ::

These days, work-life balance is a topic that is hotter than ever as people put in longer hours, and technology keeps people tied to their workplaces no matter where they are. Recent surveys reveal that just about all professionals work more than 50 hours a week, while more than half work 65 or more hours… Read more »

3 Tips For Advancing Your Pharmacy Career ::

You have landed your first job as a pharmacy technician. You are no longer a student, but a pharmacy professional. It is time to begin planning for the future – thinking about what kind of career path you will take. Everyone wants to advance in their career. Here are a few ways to help you… Read more »

How to Make Sure the Interviewer Remembers You in a Good Way ::

If you want to stand out during a job interview, you need to show the hiring manager you can learn and improve, and also be able to give examples of your skills. Showing you can learn When an interviewer asks about your weaknesses, they are not interested in what actual flaws you have, but rather,… Read more »