Implementing Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy Practice ::

Pharmacogenomics is beginning to take hold in practice settings. Pharmacogenomics is the science of using the particular genetic makeup of an individual to predict how they will react to a certain medication. Having this knowledge of genetics will help pharmacists increase the efficiency of drugs and prevent deleterious side effects. The FDA and other healthcare… Read more »

The Top Five Books Pharmacists Should Be Reading ::

To stay ahead of the curve, professionals can never stop learning, and the same is true for pharmacy. Here are five important books about pharmacy and management that can help pharmacists add to their knowledge base and improve the practice of their profession. The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice, by Dr. Erin L. Albert… Read more »

Women Pharmacist Day Will Highlight Contributions of Female Pharmacists ::

The pharmacy profession will celebrate its first ever Women Pharmacist Day on October 12 to recognize the achievements of women in the profession and their part in providing quality healthcare. It is a part of National Pharmacist Month. Growing Number of Women in Pharmacy Currently women make up more than half of all pharmacists, a… Read more »

Important Career Skills You Will Develop as a Pharmacist ::

While pharmacists generally enjoy their job, some who have been in the profession for a number of years are ready for a change. But they are reluctant to make the move because they perceive themselves as unqualified for anything but pharmacy. But this is not true. There are a number of skills pharmacists develop that… Read more »

The Importance of Drug Spend Analytics on Your Hospital Pharmacy ::

Hospital pharmacies are always trying to reduce costs, increase revenue, and provide good care for patients. Pharmacies can be much more effective in accomplishing these goals with the use of analytics for their drug spending. Analytics and Spending Analytics enables pharmacies to get a much clearer picture of their spending, accessing all data on the… Read more »

How to Have a Rewarding Career in Pharmacy ::

If you are just beginning your pharmacy career, you may not be sure what things you need to do to give yourself the best chance to succeed and make your career a great one. To help out, here are a few tips from some veteran pharmacists. Find Your Professional Specialization There are many different career… Read more »

Tips for Having Success as a New Pharmacy Manager ::

Being a pharmacist is about more than just dispensing medications. There is a management dimension to it as well, a role that calls for skills quite different from those you learned in pharmacy school. Many of these are the so-called soft skills, those that enable you to work with and lead other people. If you… Read more »

Challenges Facing Pharmacy in 2018 ::

The issues currently facing pharmacists are well known to anyone familiar with the industry. But as we move through 2018, these issues are further complicated by many other changes taking place in the healthcare industry, such as healthcare reform, evidence-based care, PBMs, and the changing insurance landscape. Here are three of the major issues. Cost… Read more »

5 Tips for Finding a Pharmacy Mentor ::

Having a mentor is a great way to help you make the most of your pharmacy career. Mentors can provide valuable advice and ideas to steer you in the right direction and avoid pitfalls you may not be aware of. Here are some tips on finding a mentor. Goals Before beginning your search for a… Read more »

What Pharmacists Should Know About Specialty Pharmacy ::

If pharmacies are looking to boost their revenue, dispensing specialty drugs is one viable option. It enables pharmacies to enhance their revenue quickly and maintain those revenue increases over time, as well as opening up new networks of patients. By moving into the specialty pharmacy sector, pharmacies help their own bottom line while offering additional… Read more »