Why You Should Choose a Career in Pharmacy ::

There are many good reasons to choose pharmacy as a career. It is one of the most well-respected professions, regularly at the top of polls listing the most admired people. It is intellectually challenging and rewarding, both financially and emotionally because you are helping others. Here are three good reasons to become a pharmacist. You… Read more »

Challenges in Pharmacy Throughout 2019 ::

The challenges facing the profession in 2019 are likely familiar to pharmacists as these problems represent ongoing issues related to drug costs, shortages and regulations, among others. Here is a rundown of a few of those issues. Cost This is an ongoing problem in healthcare. One of the main drivers of medication cost increases is… Read more »

Ways Pharmacists Can Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance ::

Like many other professions, being a pharmacist makes great demands on your time. You may find yourself working many more hours than expected. It may seem like your life has been absorbed into your job. If you are looking to strike more of a balance between your work and personal life, here are a few… Read more »

How Pharmacists Can Communicate With Patients More Effectively ::

To effectively communicate with patients, you must consider the diversity of people you encounter and their differing abilities in comprehension. Some are well educated and can easily grasp more complex instructions and concepts, while others, for various reasons, have more limited capabilities. To communicate effectively with these people, you need to express yourself in a… Read more »

The Top Ten Best States to Be a Pharmacist ::

Where are the best places to practice pharmacy? Naturally, opinions will differ depending on your perspective. However, some researchers have attempted to quantify this issue by using a number of demographic, economic and educational metrics, and creating a ranking based on an overall score. To formulate these rankings, researchers used 12 different measurements, gathering data… Read more »

How to Prevent Medication Errors ::

A recent study has shown that medical errors made by healthcare professionals have become the third leading cause of death in the United States. Many of these deaths are the result of lapses in dispensing medication. That is why it is important to develop measures to prevent such problems, especially in a community pharmacy where… Read more »

Learn About Apps Pharmacists Should be Using ::

Following is a short list of apps that pharmacists can download to make their jobs easier and do it more efficiently. Some are specific to the pharmacy profession, while others are more general, but still very useful. Pocket This is essentially a storage device. It allows you to store just about anything you find on… Read more »

What Are Some Common Challenges for Pharmacy Technicians? ::

The job of a pharmacy technician is to help the pharmacist with dispensing medications. The exact duties and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians can vary depending on the setting in which they work. In general, however, pharmacy technicians collect the information needed to fill prescriptions, count tablets, measure medications, mix or compound drugs, package and label… Read more »

A Day in the Life of an Oncology Pharmacist ::

Oncology pharmacists have become an integral part of patient care for people with cancer. Studies have shown that when pharmacists participate in patient care, readmission rates drop significantly. Oncology pharmacists can do a lot to improve treatment because they have knowledge of the various elements of patient care, not just pharmacologic, but financial and safety… Read more »

Tips for Improving Your Skills as a Pharmacy Manager ::

In pharmacy school, the focus is on the technical aspects of the job – students learn all about medications, how they work, how to administer them, and related information. But students receive little instruction in other areas that are important to pharmacists, such as the skills needed to manage a pharmacy. Here are some tips… Read more »