Tips for Improving Your Skills as a Pharmacy Manager ::

In pharmacy school, the focus is on the technical aspects of the job – students learn all about medications, how they work, how to administer them, and related information. But students receive little instruction in other areas that are important to pharmacists, such as the skills needed to manage a pharmacy. Here are some tips… Read more »

How Pharmacists Can Build and Maintain Patient Trust ::

To be really effective at helping patients, pharmacists need to build relationships with them based on trust. Patients need to believe the pharmacist really cares about them and is working in their best interests. Patients won’t feel this way without having trust in their pharmacist. But trust is not something that is simply given. It… Read more »

Five Podcasts Pharmacists Should Listen To ::

Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay current in the field of pharmacy. There are several excellent podcasts available that cover just about any area you want to know about. Here are a few of the best. The Elective Rotation: A Critical Care Hospital Pharmacy This podcast is touted as the number one… Read more »

Tips for Dressing Properly as a Pharmacist ::

In today’s business world, where IT entrepreneurs and tech startups set the pace, the more conservative, traditional ways of thinking and doing things are generally looked at with disdain. This includes traditional styles of dress. People at tech startups are well known for their casual dress, and this attitude has set the tone for other… Read more »

These Products Helped Pharmacy Excel in 2018 ::

Listed below are a few of the many healthcare products that came on the market in 2018. They are helping the pharmacy profession make big strides in helping patients, and the surprising thing is, none of them are drugs. Medication Vials That Lock There is a four-number bicycle-type lock at the top of the vial,… Read more »

Health-System Pharmacy Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019 ::

Several of the prominent trends affecting health-system pharmacies this year revolve around the issue of access – access to service, information, and more and different kinds of medications. Here are a few of those trends. Services Closer to Home People want their healthcare services close by, so health systems are working to satisfy that desire,… Read more »

Tips for Buying Your Own Independent Pharmacy ::

Pharmacists typically buy their own pharmacy because they like the freedom it gives them – they can run things the way they want. If you are considering such a move, however, there is a good deal of preparation involved. Here is a brief outline of some of the things you will need to do to… Read more »

Important Qualities of a Successful Pharmacy Manager ::

Ask 10 different people what makes a good manager and you will probably get 10 different answers, all of them good ones. Although there may be disagreement about the qualities of a good manager, there is none when it comes to the results – an operation that is effective and efficient. Here are some thoughts… Read more »

What Pharmacists Need to Know About Drug Shortages ::

Drug shortages can occur from time to time for various reasons, so it is important for pharmacists to stay up to date on drug supplies to be aware of any impending shortages. They also need to know why the shortage is occurring and what actions they can take to address the situation, including alternative medications… Read more »

There Are Many Career Options Available as a Pharmacist ::

When most people think of pharmacists, they think of the person behind the counter at the local drug store, the community pharmacist. But these days, there are a number of different careers open to pharmacists beyond the retail setting. Here are a few. Clinical Pharmacy Clinical pharmacists work in a hospital, often as part of… Read more »