What Does It Take to be an Ambulatory Pharmacist? ::

Ambulatory care pharmacists generally work in outpatient clinics, helping to manage chronic conditions that patients have, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. They also work with patients who are moving from care in a hospital to their home or another care facility. Often ambulatory care pharmacists have collaborative practice arrangements with physicians…. Read more »

While There are Upsides of Pharmacy Automation, There are Also Downsides ::

If you are a pharmacist thinking about automating some of your operations, take some time first to consider the pros of cons of increased computerization. Technology can indeed be much more efficient, free from human error, but there are disadvantages as well – technology is not immune to flaws. Here are some of the pluses… Read more »

How to Eliminate Errors with High-Risk Medications ::

Reducing errors in the administration of medications is a significant concern in all types of healthcare settings because such errors affect the safety of patients and increase the costs of care. In the United States, about seven million people each year are the victims of medication error, which costs the nation’s healthcare systems a total… Read more »

Learn About Six New Clinical Services for Pharmacists ::

As the practice of medicine grows and changes, the work of the pharmacist is expanding as well, taking on a more clinical mantle. Community pharmacists are now offering a range of services to their customers, enabling them to move into a more clinical function and augment their revenue. Here are some new clinical services they… Read more »

3 Tips for Running Your Chain Pharmacy More Efficiently ::

Dispensing medication efficiently has become more important than ever, not just in providing exceptional service to patients and in lowering costs, but also in meeting network quality ratings and healthcare reform goals. Here are some ways to make your pharmacy run more efficiently. Measurement There is a well known saying in the business world –… Read more »

Improve Customer Experience with These Five Tips ::

If you want your customers coming back, your pharmacy needs to deliver services that give people an exceptional healthcare experience. With the right technology and service-oriented culture, you can exceed customer expectations and maintain their loyalty. Here are some ways to do it. Pharmacy Apps Informing people about mobile apps can help patients stay on… Read more »

Tips for Preventing HIPAA Mistakes ::

Healthcare providers have been dealing with HIPAA guidelines for some time now, and most are familiar with the regulations. An important part of the law protects patients’ health information, whether it is in a computer system, on paper or even communicated orally. Under the law, the following information is protected; that is, it cannot be… Read more »

4 Ways to Improve Efficiency in Your Pharmacy ::

Every business is looking for places where it can increase efficiency and productivity. Pharmacies are no exception. There are always processes and procedures that can be improved. Increasing efficiency in your pharmacy begins with checking some benchmarks — the industry standards for pharmacies relating to performance and productivity. This will give you some idea where… Read more »

Why Workflow Management is Critical for a Successful Pharmacy ::

Workflow management – it is a term that describes the organizing and ordering of processes and procedures used in a business to make them more effective and efficient. Like any other business, pharmacies can benefit greatly from putting a workflow management system in place. It will enable staff to fill prescriptions by importance, give them… Read more »

As a Pharmacist, You Have Many Career Paths Available ::

When you say the word pharmacist, most people think of the person behind the counter at the drug store. But these days, with advances in medicine and technology, there are a variety of career paths available for those who earn their PharmD degree. Here are some of those options. Retail Pharmacy This is still among… Read more »