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3 Nontraditional Skills to Help You Advance Your Pharmacy Career ::

Pharmacy graduates have a firm foundation in medicine and pharmacology. These are the technical skills required. But these are not the only skills pharmacists need to effectively perform their job. There are other skills related to working with people and within an organization that are necessary. Here are a few other skills that will help… Read more »

What Not to Include on Your Resume ::

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The Benefits of Mentoring in Pharmacy ::

Mentoring has become more popular in the business world today. Mentoring describes a relationship between a senior member of a profession, someone usually in a leadership role, and someone who is relatively new to the profession. The experienced person offers guidance and advice to the junior person, helping them with their professional development and avoiding… Read more »

How to Talk About Your Current Employer in an Interview ::

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The Top Five Skills Needed to be a Successful Pharmacy Manager ::

Being a good manager of any business requires both knowledge and skills, technical skills as well as soft skills. Technical skills relate to the core business itself, in this case pharmacy. These kinds of skills revolve around facts and figures and objective information. Soft skills, on the other hand, are the qualities that enable someone… Read more »

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It’s not too hard to figure out that having a good relationship with your employees is important for two main reasons – it leads to better performance and productivity, and it helps the company retain its employees. In the business world, a strong employer-employee relationship is generally referred to as employee engagement. When employees are… Read more »

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Stand Out with Specialized Certification ::

In the past, having the PharmD degree was a real mark of distinction. But now, since all pharmacy students need to earn a PharmD to graduate, the degree is no longer something that distinguishes someone from all the other pharmacists. As a result, some pharmacists are looking for other ways to stand out in the… Read more »