There Are Many Career Options Available as a Pharmacist ::

When most people think of pharmacists, they think of the person behind the counter at the local drug store, the community pharmacist. But these days, there are a number of different careers open to pharmacists beyond the retail setting. Here are a few. Clinical Pharmacy Clinical pharmacists work in a hospital, often as part of… Read more »

Tips for Pharmacists to Keep Up with Evolving Patient Care Trends ::

Retail pharmacy is undergoing a great deal of change, and pharmacists need to change as well to remain competitive. You need to have flexibility to keep up with the latest trends. Here are a few tips on staying current. The Continued Growth of Medicare As baby boomers age, Medicare beneficiaries become an ever-larger part of… Read more »

What Do Customers Expect in a Pharmacy? ::

As with all service providers, pharmacies are expected to handle customers’ needs with a certain level of efficiency and professionalism. Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the service your pharmacy provides to customers. Time to fill prescriptions How long are you taking to fill prescriptions? Are you doing it as… Read more »

Pharmacists Needed in Humanitarian Aid Work ::

Because of their unique knowledge and skills, pharmacists are valuable and sought-after healthcare professionals during humanitarian crises. They can help ensure medical resources are used effectively and efficiently in less-than-optimal conditions. Pharmacists can help with medication management, working in clinics, hospitals and with other non-governmental organizations that serve refugee populations. There are various ways that… Read more »

Pharmacist Roles are Expanding and Changing Healthcare ::

Like any other industry, healthcare is continually evolving, and the roles of healthcare providers within the industry are changing and evolving as well. As part of the healthcare industry, the role of pharmacists is also changing. Here are some of the most significant ways. Improving Quality of Care Pharmacists are helping to improve the quality… Read more »

Implementing Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy Practice ::

Pharmacogenomics is beginning to take hold in practice settings. Pharmacogenomics is the science of using the particular genetic makeup of an individual to predict how they will react to a certain medication. Having this knowledge of genetics will help pharmacists increase the efficiency of drugs and prevent deleterious side effects. The FDA and other healthcare… Read more »

The Top Five Books Pharmacists Should Be Reading ::

To stay ahead of the curve, professionals can never stop learning, and the same is true for pharmacy. Here are five important books about pharmacy and management that can help pharmacists add to their knowledge base and improve the practice of their profession. The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice, by Dr. Erin L. Albert… Read more »

Women Pharmacist Day Will Highlight Contributions of Female Pharmacists ::

The pharmacy profession will celebrate its first ever Women Pharmacist Day on October 12 to recognize the achievements of women in the profession and their part in providing quality healthcare. It is a part of National Pharmacist Month. Growing Number of Women in Pharmacy Currently women make up more than half of all pharmacists, a… Read more »

Important Career Skills You Will Develop as a Pharmacist ::

While pharmacists generally enjoy their job, some who have been in the profession for a number of years are ready for a change. But they are reluctant to make the move because they perceive themselves as unqualified for anything but pharmacy. But this is not true. There are a number of skills pharmacists develop that… Read more »

The Importance of Drug Spend Analytics on Your Hospital Pharmacy ::

Hospital pharmacies are always trying to reduce costs, increase revenue, and provide good care for patients. Pharmacies can be much more effective in accomplishing these goals with the use of analytics for their drug spending. Analytics and Spending Analytics enables pharmacies to get a much clearer picture of their spending, accessing all data on the… Read more »