How Telemedicine Impacts Pharmacists ::

Many Americans, about a quarter of the total population, live in rural areas. As a result, it is difficult for them to access medical care. As technology has improved, however, more in rural areas are being serviced through telemedicine, which is the use of technology to carry out clinical practice. Telemedicine and Controlled Substances Telemedicine… Read more »

Tips for Effectively Conducting an Exit Interview ::

Exit interviews are important, and most companies today realize this. These conversations can reveal key information about the company that may help to enhance employee engagement and improve retention. Here are a few tips for effective exit interviews. Make sure the interviewer is knowledgeable. The interviewer should be trained in how to conduct an exit… Read more »

Having a Work-Life Balance as a Retail Pharmacist ::

Working as a retail pharmacist can be stressful. The days can be long. There is constant movement between answering phones, filling prescriptions and talking to patients. With all of the challenges and responsibilities of the job, it may be difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few tips on keeping that balance…. Read more »

How to Determine if a Candidate is Reliable ::

Trying to gauge a person’s character solely from a job interview is not the easiest thing to do. But hiring managers have some resources at their disposal to help assess what kind of worker a job candidate will be. One of the most important character traits employers want is reliability. It is essential. Companies need… Read more »

Pharmacy Trends to Watch Out for 2018 ::

Throughout the healthcare industry, change is occurring at a rapid rate, as medical research and technology continue to have a big impact. Pharmacy is no exception, as drug research and information technology will continue to rework how pharmacists deliver care. Here are some of the changes expected in 2018. Disruption of the supply model E-commerce… Read more »

The Importance of Investing in Employee Satisfaction ::

Maintaining employee engagement is important. It is something more companies and healthcare organizations need to focus on. Why is it so essential? The answer is simple – employees who are happy with their jobs stay with a company, and they are more productive. Engagement and Productivity Studies show employees who are happy with their jobs… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pharmacy Team ::

It’s a new year, a time when people think about improving their behavior and their lives. This usually takes the form of a New Year’s resolution, a firm decision to do something different or to stop doing something. If you are a pharmacy professional, you may be thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions. If… Read more »

Choosing the Best Job References to Help You Get Hired ::

When selecting people to provide a job reference, choose someone who is familiar with your work and who will speak favorably about you. Here are some tips on picking references. A former supervisor This is someone who is obviously familiar with your work and can provide specific examples of your performance and how you contributed… Read more »

Are You a Brand New Retail Pharmacist? Check Out These Tips ::

Starting a new job is always stressful. The learning curve is steep. If you are a new pharmacist about to begin your first job, you may be wondering if you are up to the task. To help you out, here are some tips for new pharmacists from someone with more than 20 years of pharmacy… Read more »

Making the Most of a Networking Event ::

Conventions or other professional gatherings, even social events, are a great networking opportunity. You can help your career and drum up new business. How best to go about it? Here are a few tips from career experts. Begin your conversations with something other than your job title. The first question people usually ask is what… Read more »