How to Avoid Mishandling Private Patient Information ::

As every healthcare provider knows, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to protect a patient’s health information. Healthcare organizations have many processes and procedures in place to do this. But no matter how extensive the precautions, problems can arise through human error, through carelessness and a lack of attention. For example,… Read more »

Why Pharmacy Technicians Need to be Trained for More Responsibility ::

As the role of pharmacies expands and pharmacists take on more patient care provider roles, they are looking to pharmacy technicians to take on more responsibilities in the day-to-day operations, handling such things as filling prescriptions and administrative tasks. More than ever, technicians need to have critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They need to be… Read more »

The Top Six Issues Facing Community Pharmacy ::

Like many other industries, healthcare is undergoing a lot of change. Here are a few of the trends and changes taking place in the pharmacy profession that pharmacists need to be aware of. Increased Competition and Merging of Pharmacy Chains There are about 67,000 pharmacies in the country, and each of them is trying to… Read more »

How Pharmacists Can Assist Patients to Adhere to Their Medications Better ::

One of the major dilemmas facing healthcare practitioners today is the fact that patients do not adhere to their medication regimens. This results in $100 billion in healthcare expenses each year. Because pharmacists are among those healthcare professionals whom patients see the most, they are in a unique position to help with this problem. Here… Read more »

6 Ways to Continue Your Education After Getting a Pharmacy Degree ::

Healthcare, like many other industries, is changing rapidly, buffeted by economic, demographic, and technological forces, as well as advances in the sciences and medicine. To stay abreast of such changes and function in such a fast-paced environment, pharmacists are earning additional advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines, such as business, law, public health, as… Read more »

Five Benefits of Being a Contract Pharmacist ::

No matter where you are in your pharmacy career – a recent graduate or someone with years of experience – you may want to consider working as a contract pharmacist because of the unique benefits it offers. You have a great deal of flexibility, the opportunity for travel and learning, and a good paycheck. Here… Read more »

The Top Health System Pharmacy Trends to Watch Out For ::

Trends for health system pharmacies in 2019 present both challenges and opportunities for patient care. Here are a few of the more prominent trends to be aware of. Growth in spending for specialty drugs More kinds of specialty drugs will be available in 2019, and the price for these medications will continue to rise as… Read more »

Healthcare Technologies to Keep an Eye on in the Coming Years ::

As with almost every other area of the economy, artificial intelligence and machine learning will make their presence felt in the healthcare industry. Integrating these technologies will require new ways of thinking and adapting. It could lead to a new wave of innovation in healthcare. Here are some of the new technologies that will impact… Read more »

Learn Important Tips for Preventing Medication Errors ::

Medical error, which includes errors involving medications, is now the third leading cause of death in the country. Some attribute the problem to the complexity of the healthcare system, and steps have been taken to address this issue, such as electronic prescribing for drugs. But despite the most advanced technology, pharmacists must remain vigilant to… Read more »

Important Tips for How Pharmacists Can Avoid Burnout ::

Burnout is becoming a growing problem among pharmacists. In one study, more than half the pharmacists surveyed reported burnout to varying degrees. There are many different causes of burnout, problems that may not even be job related, such as family issues or financial stress. Stressors on the job that can lead to burnout include things… Read more »