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Pharmacy Trends in 2021 You Need to Know About ::

As with just about every other sector of the economy, technology will play a major role in the pharmaceutical industry during the upcoming year. The industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, and that is expected to continue. Total revenue for the pharmaceutical industry is projected to surpass one trillion dollars by 2023. Here… Read more »

What is the Future of Pharmacy in the Digital Age? ::

A recent conference in California focused on the ways digital health is being applied to pharmacy practice.  The conference highlighted the ways that digital health technologies are becoming more integrated because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These include such electronic health services as telehealth, remote patients’ monitoring, and diagnostics in the home.  Other digital health technologies… Read more »

Learn Why Pharmacists Believe Communication is Key During the Pandemic ::

Healthcare experts agree that coping with the pandemic requires effective communication among those working in hospitals and clinics.   How One Healthcare System Responded An example of this occurred in the initial stages of the pandemic when hydroxychloroquine demand soared. To ensure that the drug was administered properly and to maintain adequate supplies, one healthcare system formed a treatment task… Read more »

What Has COVID-19 Taught Us and How Do We Move Forward? ::

When the pandemic struck and hospital beds began to fill up, healthcare providers realized they were dealing with a full-blown crisis and had to adjust accordingly.   Novel situations demanded novel solutions, and hospitals responded. Through increased communication, innovation, flexibility, and division of labor, they created strategies and procedures for handling the heavy demands placed on them and for moving forward as the… Read more »