7 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Pharmacist ::

Burnout is something that many people face in their jobs. It is characterized by a feeling of being overwhelmed, of anxiety, of exhaustion. Your productivity and your attitude suffer as well. You can become moody and depressed. Is there anything you can do? Here are a few tips.

  1. Care for yourself.

You need to maintain your health if you are to have any chance of dealing with burnout. That means making sure you get enough exercise, eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep. You need to get some physical activity every day. Eating a healthy diet means cutting back on all of the processed and sugary foods. Research has shown that most people also need seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

  1. Try to find out what is causing the burnout.

Psychologists who have studied burnout have found it can often be traced to one of several causes. One cause is the workload is just too much. You feel like you have lost control of your time and you will never be able to get everything done. Another cause is a lack of recognition for the work you have done. Or you may feel your supervisors favor some people over others or simply dislike you. Another thing that leads to burnout is mistrust among your co-workers, feeling everyone is simply concerned only for themselves. And finally, feeling your work does not have any value or meaning. You no longer find it fulfilling.

  1. Think about what it would be like to be engaged in your work.

After you have determined the cause, think about the kind of work or job that would make you feel engaged. What would give you that feeling?

  1. Think about what you can change.

Are there any aspects of your job you can change to lessen the feeling of burnout? Can you take on different work assignments, for example, or more flexible hours? Are there any projects you find interesting that you can tackle? Would mentoring help you rekindle your interest and engagement?

  1. Vary your routine.

You may be in a rut, doing the same thing day after day. Try new things. Volunteer. Or try new activities or hobbies.

  1. Get away.

Take a little time off from work if you can. Give yourself a chance to rest and recharge.

  1. Decision time.

If, after you have gone through all of these steps, the feeling of burnout has not subsided, it may be time to make some decisions about the job itself. Namely, is it right for you, or should you be doing something else?

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