Tips for Having a Great Pharmacy Resume ::

A resume is like an advertisement. You are selling yourself to an employer. You are trying to show the employer how you can add value to their organization; what you can do to contribute to their bottom line. Here are a few tips on creating an eye-catching resume.

  1. Research

Before you begin writing, you need to do some research on the healthcare organization. You need to learn about its mission, values and culture. Knowing these things will help give you an idea of the particular skills and knowledge you should highlight on your resume.

  1. Writing

Your research should have given you some idea of what the employer is looking for, giving you some idea of what you need to highlight. Hiring managers generally do not spend much time reading a resume, so make your words count. Use short phrases with strong, active verbs and facts and figures to back up your claims.

Headline – This is a short phrase at the beginning of the resume intended to catch the attention of the hiring manager. It should include one or two of your top qualifications. For example: CA Licensed Pharmacist – 7 Years’ Experience, PharmD degree

Summary of Qualifications – This is where you sell your brand, present your value proposition, detail the skills and knowledge that make you unique among all the candidates and presenting your case for why you should be hired.

Here is a sample from

NY- and NJ-licensed clinical pharmacist offers a PharmD degree and 10 years of acute-care/hospital experience. Thorough knowledge of computerized drug-distribution systems, drug-utilization evaluation, complex equipment and delivery systems, emerging medications, inventory management and regulations governing pharmacy services. Serves as an effective liaison between the healthcare team and the community to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes. Completed clinical pharmacy residency at the renowned ABC Medical Center.

Job History – List your jobs in reverse chronological order, highlighting your accomplishments in each position, and listing facts and figures to support your claims. Did you make the workflow more efficient, improve patient experience, save the organization money or generate new revenue?

Education – List your educational credentials

Skills – This is the area where you describe the skills most relevant to the job – specialty areas and other skills, such as pharmacology, dispensing, compounding, medication therapy or research.

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