When Employees Go on Vacation, Use Temporary Pharmacists ::

Summertime often presents personnel challenges for medical facilities. Staff members are taking vacations and time off. Kids are home from school, which is likely to cause issues for staff with child care.

At the same time, the patient load is likely to increase because people are more active, leading to more injuries and health problems.

One effective way to handle this situation is by using a staffing agency to supply temporary help to cover for absentees. There are a number of advantages to using a staffing agency.

  1. Flexibility

Using temporary pharmacists gives you a degree of flexibility because you can bring your contingent staff people in quickly; then let them go when you no longer need them. When the workload increases, they can assist your regular staff to make sure things go smoothly and also prevent the permanent staff from feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Qualified People

Another advantage is temporary staff are employed by the staffing agency. So, you know the agency has thoroughly evaluated their qualifications before sending them to you. Moreover, since the agency is familiar with your organization, the agency will send someone who will fit in. You don’t have to deal with all of the time and effort associated with the hiring process, reviewing resumes and doing interviews. And the agency supplies the fringe benefits package. Also, you don’t have to worry about terminating the temp worker and all that involves.

  1. Immediate Impact

Plus, you can bring in someone who has experience and can make an immediate impact. Using an agency enables you to take on someone who has a very specialized skill set as well if you need someone for a special project or work your permanent staff may not have the requisite skills for. This will also save you time and money.

  1. Job Tryout

Finally, using a temp is a good way to evaluate someone if you are looking to fill a full-time position. You can see how a person handles the daily duties and responsibilities of the job, which will help you determine if you want to hire the person permanently. You know whether the person will fit in with your organization or not.

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