How to Make Sure the Interviewer Remembers You in a Good Way ::

If you want to stand out during a job interview, you need to show the hiring manager you can learn and improve, and also be able to give examples of your skills.

  1. Showing you can learn

When an interviewer asks about your weaknesses, they are not interested in what actual flaws you have, but rather, what they illustrate about your capacity to overcome them.

Being able to articulate a weakness shows you are aware of areas where you need to improve and develop. It is this awareness that hiring managers are more interested in seeing. Moreover, by telling the hiring manager what you are doing to overcome your weakness, you are demonstrating your capacity to learn, grow, change and develop, which is really what the interviewer is looking for.

  1. Give examples of your skills

In your preparation for the interview, determine what kinds of skills and traits the hiring manager is looking for. After you have determined what skills you need to highlight, consider how you can demonstrate your mastery of those skills by telling stories of how you used those skills in the past. You should also be able to explain and illustrate how you developed the desired skills.

  1. Don’t ask questions you should already know the answer to

In other words, asking for information that is already available on the company website or annual report won’t earn you any gold stars. This tells the hiring manager you have not prepared properly for the interview. Your questions should demonstrate your intelligence and knowledge of the industry.

  1. Show you are a problem solver

There may be people with more experience than you applying for the job, but if you show you can solve problems the company has, it will help you stand out. Demonstrate innovative thinking; how you can apply what you have learned in another industry or at university that may be a novel way of looking at a problem.

  1. Use contacts

In addition to your research in preparing for the interview, talk to any people you know in the industry who can give you background about issues and trends or even information about the company where you have applied.

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