The Top Five Skills Needed to be a Successful Pharmacy Manager ::

Being a good manager of any business requires both knowledge and skills, technical skills as well as soft skills. Technical skills relate to the core business itself, in this case pharmacy. These kinds of skills revolve around facts and figures and objective information. Soft skills, on the other hand, are the qualities that enable someone to deal with different people and handle different situations.

Here are some of the important skills good pharmacy managers need.

  1. Knowing how to learn.

A good manager is knowledgeable. They know the business. They are also continually learning to stay up to date with the advances and changes in the business. A good manager knows how to learn. They know what is important and how to master new material.

  1. A good manager is well organized.

They see the big picture and how everyone fits into it. They know how to set goals and create the strategy and plans needed to achieve those goals, as well as how to prioritize tasks so the important things get done.

  1. A good manager knows how to handle conflict.

Situations will arise where there is conflict among staff or with patients. A good pharmacy manager has the poise, patience and good judgment to handle and defuse these situations.

  1. A good manager knows how to communicate.

Their people know what is expected of them. They know they can go to the manager for help and advice and other feedback whenever necessary. They know their manager will listen to them and do what they can so the staff can do their job better.

  1. A good manager has leadership skills

A good manager knows how to get their people to work together toward a common goal. They set an example for the kind of behavior expected from their staff. They have resilience and perseverance. They create a supportive atmosphere for their people and know how to delegate.

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