How to Talk About Your Current Employer in an Interview ::

If you are engaged in a job search, one of the questions you might encounter during an interview would be about your relationship with your current employer and what your opinion of your current employer is.

As you might imagine, the interviewer really is not interested in the company, but rather in how you respond to the question; what your attitudes and feelings are about the company. It is to gauge what kind of person and what kind of employee you are.

Here are some tips on how to answer the question.

  1. What not to do – run down your current employer

Avoid disparaging or denouncing your current employer, even if you are fed up with the company and believe it is a lousy place to work. To run down your current employer displays a lack of judgment, character and professionalism. It does not reflect well on you.

  1. Give a short, positive description

You don’t want to overdo it here and talk about your current company in glowing terms, which probably would ring rather hollow and come off as insincere. But you can highlight positive things about the company, and maybe throw in a few mild criticisms because, after all, no place is perfect. The important thing here, however, is to take this opportunity to portray yourself in a positive light as well and the contributions and accomplishments you made to the company.

You can talk about what you have learned at the company, what you have accomplished there and how the company responded to your accomplishments. You can talk about the training the company gave you and the opportunities to grow professionally.

When you describe the shortcomings of the company, use them as examples of why you are looking for better opportunities. For example, if you believe the company did not do enough to allow employees to grow and learn in their careers, talk about that as a reason you are looking for another job.

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