3 Nontraditional Skills to Help You Advance Your Pharmacy Career ::

Pharmacy graduates have a firm foundation in medicine and pharmacology. These are the technical skills required. But these are not the only skills pharmacists need to effectively perform their job. There are other skills related to working with people and within an organization that are necessary. Here are a few other skills that will help pharmacists do their job well.

Communication skills

These are the skills needed to work with other people; to handle situations where there are disagreements and conflict. A person with competency in this area knows how to listen to others, diffuse anger, and persuade others.

One pharmacist cites several examples where these skills are necessary in dealing with other healthcare professionals: talking to a physician prescribing opioids and benzodiazepines for patients after surgery in spite of the risks; nurses going into patient rooms without sanitizing their hands; and pharmacists instructing pharmacy technicians to take over duties that should only be handled by pharmacists themselves.

There are specific skills that can be taught to enable a person to handle these types of situations; techniques that focus on maintaining dialogue, dealing with opposing views and strong emotions.

Management techniques

These are necessary to make changes in any organization. They are the skills needed to establish goals and objectives, plan and strategize to meet those goals, measure the effectiveness of those goals and reevaluate actions that are not working.

Business skills

If you are a manager, you will be more efficient and effective if you have business skills. That means a knowledge of areas like accounting, finance, economics, quantitative analysis in decision making, marketing and management.

Some pharmacists, realizing the importance of such skills, decide to earn an MBA to help them. But this is not always necessary. There are many ways to pick up these skills. In addition to classroom training, there is a tremendous amount of resources online to help you gain this knowledge.

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