The Importance of Investing in Employee Satisfaction ::

Maintaining employee engagement is important. It is something more companies and healthcare organizations need to focus on. Why is it so essential? The answer is simple – employees who are happy with their jobs stay with a company, and they are more productive.

Engagement and Productivity

Studies show employees who are happy with their jobs are 12 percent more productive than average, while employees who are dissatisfied are actually 10 percent less productive. Moreover, employees who like their jobs work better together and are more creative.

However, not many people are engaged at work. Little more than 10 percent report feeling satisfied with their job, according to a recent report. The situation is no better among the younger members of the workforce – more than 70 percent of millennials are not happy with their jobs.

The factors that affect worker satisfaction are the same for almost every job – how good the management is, how much opportunity there is for growth and development, how good the communication and feedback are. And while job dissatisfaction is widespread, there is a silver lining. There is plenty of room for improvement that could lead to big gains in productivity as well.

Engagement and Turnover

Having happy employees not only increases productivity, it also increases retention. Employees who like their jobs tend to stick around longer. And this is a big deal because high turnover rates can be very expensive. The average turnover rate at a company with 100 employees can cost from $400,000 to $4 million a year.

Many employers believe turnover is linked entirely to pay, but this is only partially true. Employees who are unhappy with their jobs are also more likely to be unhappy with their pay, while those who like their jobs are more likely to think the pay is adequate as well.

Engagement and Teamwork

Dissatisfied workers are less likely to work well together, which could cause major problems when collaboration is needed for the company to reach its performance goals. But the reverse is also true – employees who like their jobs are also more likely to work well with each other.

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