What Role Will AI Play in the Pharmaceutical Industry ::

Companies are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to several areas in pharmacy, including predicting treatment results, drug design, and data preprocessing. Several factors have helped with the development of AI in the pharmaceutical industry, among them an increasing variety of biomedical data available through the use of electronic health records.

Here are a few of the current AI pharmaceutical initiatives.

Predicting Treatment Results

One company is using machine learning to automate the matching of drug interventions with particular patients, a treatment that in the past was done mostly by trial and error. The machine learning models can predict the response of a patient to possible drug treatments by calculating the relationships among different elements that would affect the treatment results, things like the person’s ability to absorb the medication and the person’s metabolism.

The machine learning software uses data from past treatments that are part of medical records, patient registries, claims, and other sources to make predictions about the treatment results.

Drug Design

Another company is using a deep learning neural network to design and discover new types of drugs. This is the same technology used for face and speech recognition and self-driving cars.

The AI technology models the combination of atoms into various molecules to develop the new drugs. Algorithms are used to process and analyze billions of atoms to determine which will bond together, and then simulate the testing of these new drug molecules on a computer.

A different company applies what is called a generative adversarial network (GAN) and reinforcement learning algorithms to put together new molecular structures used in formulating new drugs as well as finding disease origins.

GAN is a type of artificial intelligence that increases the accuracy in generating images, videos, and text. It is capable of recognizing images that are not authentic. This type of AI is also used in areas like oncology, dermatology, and aging studies.

Reinforcement learning algorithms are a type of machine learning where an algorithm is rewarded for performing a correct action.

Data Preprocessing

In this area of AI, one company has developed an analytics and machine learning application that can be used to analyze and integrate different types of biomedical and other healthcare data. It can be used in precision medicine, drug discovery and health data applications

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