How to Train Your Pharmacy Staff on New Technology ::

Healthcare is changing rapidly as new technology is continuously being introduced into different healthcare settings. Pharmacy is no exception. Keeping up with advances in technology requires ongoing training for pharmacists and their staff. Here are some tips on how to train pharmacy staff effectively in the use of new technology.

Watch how you frame it

If you announce to your staff that they have to slog through a training program to learn the new technology, it is unlikely to generate a lot of enthusiasm. They will look at it as one more thing to add to their workload, making their job that much harder. Instead, make an effort to sell the technology by talking about how interesting it is and how it will make everyone’s job easier.

To generate interest from staff, you need to explain the purpose of the technology, why you are using it, and why you are learning about it. Frame it as an opportunity rather than a chore, focusing on how it will help.

Use your experts

Sometimes managers feel that they have to do the training themselves. Often, however, it is better to have the person who uses the technology on a daily basis do the training. This staff member is the in-house expert on the technology and likely knows the most about how it works.

Resources for Training

Pharmacy associations usually have a training department that may offer some assistance. Still, they generally deal with the clinical and business side of things, such as medication therapy management or immunization plans.

A good resource to help with training is the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA), which has put together a series of staff training videos. The NCPA also offers a training seminar on the web called Management Techniques to Increase Pharmacy’s Financial Success. Other online courses are geared toward helping pharmacy staff train patients in using new technology as part of their treatment.

Also, the Association for Talent Development ( offers instruction for those who train others, as well as for pharmacy owners and managers, in how to train. These are continuing education programs that are training seminars themselves. As such, participants can learn not just from the content of the programs, but how the instructor presents and organizes the material, along with watching their teaching techniques. Watching this way can help managers improve their own teaching skills.

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