Lessons Learned from COVID-19 May be Able to Help Pharmacists in the Long Run ::

As with many other areas of society, the pandemic has led to many changes in healthcare delivery. It has also been a learning experience for those in the medical field, which could improve healthcare in the long term.

Pharmacy Care Improvements

For example, new practices are being implemented in pharmacy care that may lead to greater access to care and lower costs in a more secure environment. These include using technology to expand access to care through telehealth and the expansion of pharmacy delivery services.

The pandemic has put pressure on pharmacies to learn how to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing health conditions. Pharmacies have responded with measures like curbside and drive-through medication delivery, social distancing practices, measures to prevent the spread of the virus in pharmacies, working with patients to avoid shortages of medication, and providing counseling and education to patients remotely.

Because of the virus, pharmacies focus on controlling infection while still providing efficient care. These measures may change how pharmacies operate in the future, making them more efficient at providing safe and secure care.

The virus has also led states to ease restrictions on the kinds of services pharmacists can deliver, enabling them to expand their role in helping patients through counseling.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Improvements

The pressure to produce a workable vaccine quickly has led to innovations in the vaccine process.

The pandemic has also revealed problems in the global production and trade of drugs because it has disrupted medications’ flow between countries. The United States is reliant on countries like China for many of its medications, and crises like the pandemic showed the supply chain’s fragility.

This situation has already led to investigations into the stability and security of our country’s drug supply and the strength of the supply chain. This should lead to changes and improvements in the future, one of which is increased medication production in the United States.

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