Will There Be Drive-Up Flu Vaccinations This Fall? ::

As the pandemic erupted in the United States, many pharmacies began offering drive-through testing for Covid-19. With the flu season looming, many pharmacies are planning to use the same strategy to administer flu vaccinations to make them easier and safer for people to receive.

Pharmacists say people will appreciate the effort to keep them safe during the pandemic by offering the vaccine by drive-through, in a tent, or at some location outside the store to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Officials at the National Association of Chain Drugstores said its member pharmacies are giving people several options for getting the vaccine, including drive-up administration in parking lots and vaccination clinics at various locations, such as community centers and senior centers, even sports arenas.

The Challenges of Administering the Vaccine by Drive-Up

However, pharmacists will need to make preparations to handle the unique challenges of delivering the vaccine outside or at alternative sites. These different locations may make it more difficult to administer the vaccine. For example, there were cases where the person giving the vaccine delivered the shot too high up on the arm, resulting in minor shoulder injuries.

The reason for this problem is that the vaccinator was not at the same level as the patient.

To receive the vaccine properly, people may have to get out of their cars and sit in a chair. Also, suppose a pharmacy is offering drive-up vaccination. In that case, they will also need to set up a waiting area for cars, so that people can wait there for 15 minutes to determine if they have any allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Privacy is another consideration. Some people may need to remove their shirts or blouses to receive the vaccine, and so a tent or some other facility may be necessary to provide some privacy.

The weather could be a problem, as well. In areas where the weather will turn colder, it may not be possible to give the vaccine via drive-up.

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