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Much of the work done in pharmacies is now online. While this has done a lot to increase efficiency, it has also made pharmacies more vulnerable to hackers cyberattacks.

Pharmacies now more than ever need to take security precautions to protect sensitive digital information. These precautions include giving pharmacy staff access only to information required to do their jobs. All employees should have their own sign-on and password, and frequent scans should be made to protect the computer system.


This is one of the most serious cyber risks to pharmacies. Phishing is a term used to describe a type of online scam. Someone receives an email that looks to be authentic. The email includes a request for private information and includes a link to provide it. The information is then sent to cyber thieves.

There has been a big increase in these types of scams targeting pharmacies and other small businesses since the coronavirus pandemic struck. The phishing attacks usually take the form of emails purporting to give updates on the spread of Covid-19. Pharmacies need to train their staff to spot such scams and install phishing filters with their email service.


In this type of cyberattack, malware infects a computer system and encrypts information, rendering it inaccessible to the user. The attacker then demands a ransom to restore the information to the user.

To safeguard against this intrusion, cybersecurity experts recommend deleting any unnecessary protected health information or personal identification information and encrypting such data that is needed.

Pharmacy staff needs to be more aware of such threats and trained in how to spot them. Many viruses infect computers through human error, where someone will click on a link in an email, which then downloads the virus.

To protect themselves against these predators, pharmacies need to install antivirus software and run virus scans often during the day and at the end of the day. The antivirus programs should screen out most threats, especially for emails with attachments, such as order forms.

Pharmacies also need to keep their operating systems up to date to help protect against hackers.

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