Telepharmacy is Putting Pharmacists in the Cloud ::

Telepharmacy is the process whereby a pharmacist in one place delivers services electronically to people in another area. By expanding the range of the pharmacist, it can help to improve patient care.

Advantages of Telepharmacy

Telepharmacy offers many kinds of advantages. It can enable a pharmacist to devote more time to clinical work and immunizations. It can help balance out workloads among several different locations. It can bring pharmacy services to areas too sparsely populated for a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. It can enable pharmacists to care for people who cannot leave their houses. And it can allow pharmacists to help victims of natural disasters or the homeless.

During the pandemic, the use of telepharmacy has jumped tremendously. It has enabled pharmacists to have a presence just about anywhere to answer questions about prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs, check with patients about drug interactions, adjust treatment for patients and verify a medication before dispensing it.

When pharmacy chains can put their pharmacists in the cloud, it is easier to distribute the workflow so that people don’t become overwhelmed. Pharmacists can spend more time with patients, and people don’t have to wait as long to get service.

Hybrid Pharmacy

This is where services are provided through some combination of telepharmacy and a pharmacist on site. An example is many rural areas in the Midwest, where several independent pharmacists are nearing the end of their careers. They wanted to retire, but they didn’t want to abandon their communities. Telepharmacy helped to solve the problem. The pharmacists were able to scale back their hours and use telepharmacy to fill the gap.

Also, some towns are too small to accommodate a pharmacy. In this case, patients often drive to pharmacies in larger cities. But individual patients would often use several different pharmacies and even mail order service. However, through telepharmacy, all of the prescriptions could be handled in one place, with one pharmacist or a group of pharmacists.

Telepharmacy is giving pharmacists and patients choices that were not available in the past.

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