Tips for Giving Feedback to Your Pharmacy Staff to Improve Their Performance ::

Managers often are reluctant to give employees feedback because workers often do not take criticism well, perceiving it as an attack on their competence. But if improvements are to be made, feedback is essential. Here are a few tips on how to do it effectively.

Schedule regular individual meetings for feedback

If you evaluate an employee’s performance, it should be done privately, not with other workers around. That is why it is important to schedule regular one-on-one meetings with employees. This way, you can talk about problems as they arise, rather than allowing small issues to become big headaches.

Be direct

Beating around the bush won’t help anyone. If you want change, you need to be clear and direct when you talk to an employee about a problem, so they understand the importance of making change and clearly understand the problem.

Feedback is more the criticism

Feedback focuses on the employee’s behavior, not the person. In other words, instead of telling a person that they are rude, giving feedback means focusing on a situation where the person may have responded in an impolite way to someone.

Feedback also involves giving advice for improvement, what the person could have done differently or what needs to be done.

One thing at a time

When you are giving feedback, focus on just one problem. What is the most important issue that needs to be addressed? Focus just on that. If you deliver a litany of problems about the person’s performance, you may destroy their morale and motivation to make a change.

Allow the person to respond

When a person gets feedback about their performance, they may become angry, upset, or embarrassed. This is natural. Allow them the time to express their feelings and vent.

Make a plan of action

You have established what the problem is and what behavior or performance you would like to see. The next step is to establish a plan of action for how to achieve the desired goal. What steps can the employee take to improve? This is an important part of the feedback as well.

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