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The job market for pharmacists is much tighter now than in the past. In fact, the number of pharmacy jobs is expected to decline by three percent over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To become more marketable when jobs are tight, look at gaining new skills that will help you to take advantage of prominent healthcare trends. Here are a few of those trends and what you can do to gain the needed skills.

Direct to Consumer Digital Health

This is becoming more popular and is now a $700 billion industry. It allows patients to get medical advice and treatment over the phone or online without having to go through a physician.

It is more convenient for patients, and it also allows them to get home delivery. Many healthcare startups are establishing their own pharmacies as part of a direct-to-consumer initiative and will be looking for pharmacists to put these facilities together and run them. Also, more pharmacies are now offering mail-order services as part of a direct-to-consumer effort.

How to Prepare

If you are a pharmacist who wants to get involved with direct-to-consumer health, pursue training in how to buy medication-related materials and how to manage home delivery services.

Digital Therapeutics

This is healthcare software that is specifically designed for the treatment of illness — how to prevent, manage, or treat medical conditions. In the coming years, this market is expected to grow about 20 percent annually. Pharmacists can get involved in this area of healthcare by helping PBMs map digital therapeutics onto their formularies.

Another opportunity for pharmacists is helping digital therapeutics companies show how their software can help managed care organizations.

How to Prepare

Pharmacists can develop skills in this area by working with PBMs to make formulary decisions and with physicians to develop clinic injection and immunization formularies.


This is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup can determine the efficacy of medications. This is expected to be another huge market, valued at more than $10 billion in a few years.

Pharmacists who have the skills to evaluate a person’s genomic profile and how this will impact their medication regimen will be able to market themselves in this area.

How to Prepare

Educational institutions such as the University of Florida have online certificate programs on how to use pharmacogenomics in clinical practice.

Health Informatics and Data Science

Health informatics is the use of digital technology to access, manage, and assess healthcare information. Data science is the use of digital technology and scientific methods to analyze extremely large amounts of data to determine patterns.

As areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to advance, informatics and data science will continue to grow in importance for healthcare. Pharmacists knowledgeable in pharmacology and information sciences will have a unique skill set that is marketable across a range of healthcare organizations.

How to Prepare

There are many different data science courses available online to learn the fundamentals. Other things pharmacists can do is learn a computer programming language such as R or Python. And pharmacists can access websites like RxNav, RxMix, and SNOMED to learn how to codify medical information and large data sets.

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