Balancing Your Pharmacy Career Can Help Improve Operations ::

When running a pharmacy, you wear many hats – executive officer, financial officer, HR director, marketing manager, insurance liaison, customer service rep, and more.

During the day, it may feel like you are being pulled from one problem to another, that you are stretched too thin. It doesn’t leave much time for activities that will help improve your business’s efficiency and help it grow. Here are some ways to focus on the things that will strengthen your business.

Staff training

Whatever you can do to make your staff better at their jobs will help your business. So encourage them to continue their training and development and give them opportunities at the pharmacy to take on more responsibilities.

Also, recognize and reward good work. If you do, your staff will be more engaged and will perform better.

Do some marketing

You rely on physicians for your business, so let them know how you are helping their patients. In addition, talk to physician groups to let them know how you are helping patients with their medications, their medication adherence, and overall health maintenance.

Synchronizing medications

This means arranging all of a patient’s medications so that they are ready for the patient to pick up at the same time each month. This helps patients to stay adherent and also increases the pharmacy’s efficiency. It has several other advantages, such as increasing the number of prescriptions filled for each patient, reducing the cost to fill a prescription, reducing the wait time for patients, and increasing staff productivity.

Leverage technology

For example, some pharmacists are using videoconferencing apps like Slack to help with employee scheduling. The employees set up the schedules themselves using the app, giving the pharmacist more time for other tasks and creating an environment where employees become more engaged and take more responsibility.

Create a plan of action

To devote more time to business operations, do some planning first. For example, you can resort to calling in a part-time relief pharmacist when you get busy. But it would be more efficient instead to plan out a schedule for when you would have a part-time pharmacist fill in each week.

You will then know that this time will be available for such things as staff meetings, outreach to physician groups, community presentations, and working on inventory.

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