These Tips Will Help You Successfully Lead Your Pharmacy Team ::

Running a pharmacy takes a lot of work. To be successful, the entire pharmacy team must work efficiently and cooperatively. Doing this depends on the leadership of the pharmacist. Here are a few tips on getting your team working at their best.

Give feedback

Give feedback regularly to staff members to ensure they are performing well. But feedback needs to be given in a way that doesn’t create friction or weaken motivation. Don’t make accusations or lecture. Instead, give feedback in a more conversational style.

The staff member needs to know that you value them and that you want them to succeed. Focus feedback on the performance, not the person, and include positive comments as well to let them know what they are doing right. Focus on just one problem. Be clear about what is expected and give advice on what the person can do to improve their performance.

Be clear about expectations

People need to know exactly what is expected of them. If they are not sure, their performance will suffer, and the overall efficiency of the staff will diminish.

Don’t micromanage

Trust your staff to get the job done if you want to maintain morale. When you micromanage, you are indicating that you don’t have much faith in their ability. They need to have enough autonomy to handle assignments independently.

Another problem with micromanaging is that it creates a bottleneck in the workflow because all of the decisions need to go through one person. Moreover, it increases your workload tremendously, cutting into the time needed to take care of your own work.

Emphasize teamwork

All members of your staff need to feel that they are making an important contribution to the operation of the pharmacy. They need to feel that they are a part of a team effort, working together to achieve their goals.

That is why it is also important to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among staff members. Encourage staff to help each other and share their expertise, and model collaborative behavior yourself.

Be fair

Treat all staff the same. Playing favorites will only incur resentment and animosity, which will quickly lead to a drop in productivity. Be consistent in your management. An action cannot be acceptable one day and then frowned upon the next.

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