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When most people think about the expertise needed to be a pharmacist, they naturally focus on various medications, how they work, and how to dispense them.

But running a pharmacy requires several different skills in addition to the medical side of things, skills that involve managing and working with people. Here are a few.

Finance Skills

If you own a pharmacy, you have to handle budgets and have some basic accounting knowledge, knowing how to record revenue and expenses. You have to keep track of salaries and stock and the costs associated with each.

Management Skills

To run a pharmacy, management skills are a necessity. You have to supervise technicians, possibly other pharmacists, and other staff members. You have to make sure they know what they need to do and are doing their jobs well.

Mathematical Skills

This competency is necessary for just about every aspect of the job. The pharmacist is using math, for example, to calculate the numbers of pills required and determine dosages, which is especially important when compounding medications.

Mathematical skills are also needed for budgeting and bookkeeping.

Communication Skills

This is another important skill pharmacists need to do their job. They need to be able to talk to patients about their medications – what they are taking and why, how much to take, how to take it, and when to take it. Plus, pharmacists need to make sure the patient understands the information and answer patient questions and concerns.

As a manager, a pharmacist needs to communicate effectively with staff, explaining processes and procedures.

Organizational Skills

These kinds of skills overlap with managerial ones. Organizational skills involve good time management, setting priorities and goals and developing the plans to carry them out.

Computer Skills

Just about all of the tasks a pharmacist does are computerized. Dispensary systems are digital, along with medication inventory, patient databases and records and consultation programs.

Interpersonal Skills

Pharmacists are working with patients every day. Pharmacists need to know how to explain things to those who are confused and calm those who may be upset. Pharmacists need to know how to deal with people of different backgrounds and educational levels. The pharmacist needs to have an empathetic attitude to understand patients’ concerns and patience to deal with them.

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