Learn How Telepharmacy Has Benefitted Pharmacy Services ::

When the pandemic swept across the country, many hospitals and other healthcare groups turned to telepharmacy to provide medications to patients and minimize disruptions to treatment. Telepharmacy helped to improve access to heatlhcare for patients while at the same time reducing costs.

The hospitals could focus more on patient care rather than operational issues. And during the pandemic, telepharmacy enabled healthcare organizations to continue offering medications to patients even though providers could not meet with them in person.

Telepharmacy has improved access to an array of services for patients, including prescriber order verification, patient education, and monitoring patient adherence to medications. It has also enabled pharmacists to reach patients who might otherwise go untreated.

For smaller hospitals with more modest resources, telepharmacy can extend the hours they can offer services and improve patient safety.

Hospital pharmacies can also use telepharmacy to enable outside pharmacists to assist staff pharmacists, which will help to ease the staff workload. Also, by using telepharmacy to outsource their pharmacy services, hospitals will save money on staffing.

Growing Rapidly

According to pharmacy professionals, telepharmacy is expanding rapidly because it helps to improve patient outcomes, broaden the access to care in both inpatient and outpatient areas, and improves patient safety. It could also improve the delivery of care, they say.

Telepharmacy can also enable smaller facilities to tap into the resources of larger medical centers, using their clinical pharmacists to offer counseling and monitoring to the smaller practice’s patients. Telepharmacy can be used to review and verify orders for places where staffing is limited, especially in the areas of oncology and pediatrics.

It is also a good way to monitor patients in order to prevent or manage any adverse drug reactions patients may have.

Another benefit of telepharmacy is the increased accessibility if offers to people who live in sparsely populated or hard to reach areas.

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