Consultant Pharmacists Play an Important Role in Long-Term Care ::

Covid-19 has presented a huge challenge for long-term care facilities in the United States. As these places get back to normal, they are looking for ways to handle new healthcare challenges, such as staffing and financial issues, and the public’s perception of them. They are focused on innovation and patient care.

In this new environment, clinical consultant pharmacists have become an important asset in helping long-term care facilities provide the best care for patients.

Clinical consulting pharmacists work with individual long-term care communities and focus on their particular needs. They have clinical expertise in medication therapy in a geriatric setting, which they can use to help other health care providers and nursing staff and advocate for patients.

Because of their expertise, these pharmacists can help ensure that the medications that are being prescribed and the dosage and administration of the drugs are designed to provide the best treatment for the patient.

They work with the pharmacy that dispenses the drugs for the long-term care facility to ensure that the quality of care is the best it can be. They also develop, implement, and monitor policies and procedures for dispensing medications and make sure the facility is abiding by state and federal regulations.

An Essential Component of Long-Term Care

Consulting clinical pharmacists are an integral part of the facilities they serve. They get to know the patients and their particular problems, their needs, and how medication therapy can best work for them.

An example of the kind of service they can provide was their response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical consulting pharmacists took charge of procedures for infection control, acquiring personal protective equipment, testing for the virus, and vaccinating the patients.

A recent survey revealed the importance of consulting clinical pharmacists to their facilities. Satisfaction ratings among the patients for these pharmacists was over 90%, with many positive comments about the level of care they deliver and how they improve the quality of life for everyone at the long-term care facility.

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