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Maintaining morale among pharmacy staff is essential to enhance efficiency and productivity. There are many ways to do this. But the bottom line is that pharmacy managers need to show that they value their staff.

Here are a few ways that pharmacy managers work to boost the morale of their staff, with some specific examples.

Talking with your staff

You cannot motivate people sitting in an office. Get out among the staff and talk with them and find out what their concerns are. This involves making yourself available and taking the time to listen.

Make every effort to respond to their concerns, take some action or explain why you are not.

Do things for your staff

One pharmacy manager made it a priority to bring his staff cups of ice water each day. He could have just as easily bought a water cooler and put it in the pharmacy. But getting the ice water allowed him to build up a rapport with his staff. It was an opportunity to talk with them and to learn more about what was going on.

Provide necessary support

Pharmacy managers need to ensure that their people have the resources and support they need to do their jobs.

How this works was demonstrated by one hospital pharmacy manager during a snowstorm. During the snowstorm, the manager made sure he was in the pharmacy the entire time to ensure things were running smoothly.

He provided his staff with the support they needed to get their job done– paying overtime regardless of shift, providing pillows, blankets and beds to all staff members who needed to sleep over, and providing food for everyone – donuts, cakes, treats, sandwiches, salads, and beverages. There was enough food to make sure everyone had what they needed during the snow emergency.

Take care of all the staff

At one hospital, pharmacy managers served food to the staff during the holidays. The food was served to the day and evening staff. But the night staff was overlooked. That meant that 1/3 of the hospital’s employees were being ignored.

If you want to have a motivated workforce, make sure that everyone is included. Everyone needs to know that their work is appreciated.

Empower staff

Empowering staff means giving them greater control over their jobs. It allows them to put their own ideas into practice, rather than simply telling them what to do.

An example of empowering staff at a hospital occurred when nursing and pharmacy staff got together to solve a drug distribution problem.

The head nurse wanted the pharmacy to change the cart delivery procedure, but the pharmacy manager felt it would interfere with the medication distribution process. To solve the problem, both the pharmacy and the nursing staff got together, chose a leader, and worked toward a solution.

It was decided that whatever staff-generated solution was developed, it would be adopted. It would become the official policy.

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