Importance of Continuing Education For Pharmacy Techs ::

Most people see pharmacy techs simply as an assistant to pharmacists. They indeed assist pharmacists, but there is more to the job. Pharmacy technicians need to have a basic knowledge and skill set as well.

They need to have some basic training in pharmacology, pharmacy regulations, anatomy, and physiology. Pharmacy techs need to know how the body works and how it reacts to different drugs. They need to know how to make basic pharmacy calculations.

Pharmacy Tech Requirements

Many states have educational and certification requirements for people who want to work as pharmacy technicians. These requirements vary by state.

Some states have regulations regarding education because pharmacy techs have jobs that directly affect patient safety. They are responsible for such things as administering medications. Although not required, many pharmacies prefer pharmacy technicians who have attended some formal educational program. Some employers also require or recommend a certification.

There are two organizations that can confer certifications for pharmacy technicians. One is the PTCB or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. The aim of this organization is to create a national standard for pharmacy technicians. The National Healthcareer Association or NHA also certifies pharmacy technicians.

Continuing Education

Pharmacy organizations strongly recommend continuing education for pharmacy technicians, and often it is required. Employers may also have continuing education requirements.

Continuing education is required for pharmacy technicians to maintain their certification from both the PTCB and the NHA. Pharmacy technicians need to complete 20 hours of continuing education training every two years. At least one hour has to be in the area of pharmacy law and one in patient safety.

Importance of Continuing Education

Continuing education is important because healthcare is a constantly changing field. Researchers are making medical advances all the time and the standard of care is continually developing as well.

There are many areas open to pharmacy technicians to focus on for continuing education credits, such as medication distribution, pharmaceutical science, pharmacy inventory control, the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy math.

Such courses will help pharmacy techs stay up to date in a rapidly changing field, as well as reinforce the knowledge they already have.

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