Tips For Prioritizing Diversity In Your Pharmacy ::

Diversity is crucial in today’s workplace. Having a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures produces a diversity of thought and ideas, which are essential for organizations to succeed in today’s economy.

Moreover, diversity leads to happier workers and greater productivity. It all begins with hiring and retaining a diversified workforce. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Use diversity job boards

Post openings for jobs on job boards that emphasize diversity. These include places like Diversity Working, which is one of the largest online job boards that focuses on diversity. Other similar job boards include Recruit Disability and HBCU, a job board for students and alumni of Black colleges and universities.

Showcase diversity on your website

Include a statement about your commitment to diversity on your website and what your pharmacy is doing to encourage diversity in the workplace. Be sure to reference your commitment to diversity also in all of your job postings.

Diversity training

Pharmacists and staff should all undergo diversity training to make them more aware of the importance of diversity, why it matters, and how to enhance it in the workplace.

Offer rewards for referrals from minority groups

Encourage staff members to refer job candidates who would add to the diversity at the pharmacy and offer rewards or bonuses to those people who recommend diverse candidates.

Celebrate differences among staff

Encourage staff members to share their backgrounds and traditions with other people at work, including their cultural and religious practices. Recognize and celebrate these differences.

Focus on bias in hiring

Often people have unconscious biases when evaluating job candidates. People need to be aware of these and understand how they affect decision-making when it comes to hiring.

For example, we may develop stereotypes about certain groups of people or feel more comfortable around those who generally look more like us and come from a similar background.

Anti-discrimination policies

These policies should be incorporated into your workplace rules and regulations. They should be explicit enough to improve the diversity at the pharmacy.

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