There Are Many Benefits Of Pharmacy Automation ::

Pharmacy automation has done a great deal to increase the efficiency and productivity of pharmacies. Technology such as tablet counters, compounding systems, and medication dispensers is growing rapidly within the industry. What’s more, it enables pharmacists to spend more time working with patients.

Pharmacy automation is the use of technology to automate any routine but time-consuming tasks in a pharmacy, such as dispensing, packaging, tracking, updating, and retrieving medication.

Digital technology has become pervasive throughout the economy, and pharmacy is no exception. Technology such as robotics, interactive voice recognition, and software for inventory and outpatient management have all become more common within the pharmacy profession.

New verification systems have been installed in many pharmacies, making dispensing of medication more accurate. More than a decade ago, hands-free dispensing counters were put into use, enabling pharmacists to automate the process.

Benefits of Automation

Greater accuracy

Automatic dispensing systems ensure that patients are getting the correct dosage and the correct drug for every prescription. These systems can also notify the pharmacist if a substitute is unavailable.

Better control over inventory

Automation eliminates the need for paper-and-pencil data entry for inventory. It produces a log of drugs that employees can access in real time. It reduces medication waste and also helps to keep track of prescriptions that are sold the most.

More efficient workflow

Almost half the population of the United States takes prescription drugs. Because of the huge number of prescriptions, a number that continues to grow,  pharmacies won’t be able to keep up with the demand without automation. Automation will enable pharmacy staff to increase their productivity.

More satisfied patients

Because automation will handle many of the routine tasks of administration and dispensing of medications, pharmacy staff will be able to spend more time with patients.

Lower cost for labor

Automation also enables pharmacy owners to reduce their labor costs. It allows them to save money on hiring and training staff while at the same time reducing human error that can occur. Automation can often do it more efficiently and effectively than humans, whether labeling or dispensing medication or other routine functions.

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