How Pharmacists Are Saving Time And Improving Efficiency ::

Do you find that the lines of people waiting for service are getting longer? Is your workflow not as efficient as you would like? If you are looking to save time and increase the efficiency of your pharmacy, here are a few ideas to help.

Collect patient background beforehand

If a patient is coming in for a service other than filling a prescription, you may save time by contacting the patient before they arrive to collect information about their insurance coverage and health history.

Another time-saving practice would be to have patients complete any necessary paperwork before their appointment as well.

Use secure messaging

This is the utilization of instant messaging apps to communicate important information securely to patients. It can help to increase efficiency and also patient satisfaction. It can reduce the number of phone calls that the pharmacy receives and end phone tag problems, as well as enable pharmacists and staff to respond quickly to patient questions.

Use telehealth

Telemedicine helps to reduce no-shows and late arrivals. It also increases pharmacist access to patients, while at the same time eliminating travel to the pharmacy.

Find bottlenecks

You may find that patient wait times are increasing but are unable to figure out exactly what is causing the backups. To try and identify where the bottleneck is occurring, distribute a basic survey to patients so that they can record what they do and how long it takes from arrival to departure.

For example, the survey will help to identify how long they are spending in line, how much time they are spending with the pharmacist or staff member, or the time spent on other services. You should give the survey on different days and weeks to get a more consistent picture of where ongoing problems are occurring.

This also helps the patient see that you value their time as well

Use mobile queues

These are applications, such as Oless, that electronically display projected wait times to let your patients and staff know if appointments are behind schedule or not. This is a great way to keep overall wait times reduced.

Even before they come into the pharmacy, patients can add themselves to a virtual waiting line that will keep them apprised of their position in the line so that they can do other things while they wait.

This kind of communication with patients not only gives them more control over their time but also helps you to manage your patient flow.


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