Little-Known Facts About the Pharmacy Industry ::

The pharmacy profession has been around for a long time. And people have been making medicinal elixirs and potions since the dawn of civilization.

With such a long history, it’s no surprise that a lot has happened in pharmacy over the centuries, many things people are not aware of. Here are some little known, interesting facts about pharmacy.

Fun Historical Facts

The ancient Eqyptians knew about the healing properties of many medicinal plants. This knowledge was passed down in the home from parent to child. These houses were the first primitive pharmacies.

The first state to require a license to practice pharmacy is Louisiana. The first pharmacist became licensed in that state in 1816.

Pharmacists actually invented several soft drinks. Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi were all invented by pharmacists in late 1800s.

A pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, John Pemberton, invented Coca-Cola. He had been injured in the Civil War, which he treated with morphine. But this caused nervousness, headaches and other symptoms. To lessen the symptoms, he created a non-alcoholic drink and mixed it with soda water. The rest, as they say, is history.

Another pharmacist from Waco, Texas invented Dr. Pepper. He loved the way a pharmacy smelled so much that he wanted to make a soda with a similar taste.

The first drugstores in the United States were in the cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin is considered to be the first American pharmacist. At one time he dispensed medicines, herbs, and other potions as a pharmacist working in a mercantile store.

Fun Drug Facts

A number of medications are actually made from poisonous substances. For example, material from the Pacific Yew Tree is used for cancer treatment. The first drugs used to treat high blood pressure were made from snake venom. Nitroglycerin, which is one of the components of dynamite, is used to reduce chest pain.

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States is valued at $446 billion

Lipitor is the best-selling drug in the country. It first came out in 1997, and has had sales totaling $125 billion

Hydrocodone is the drug most prescribed by doctors in the United States

The most expensive drug in the world is Zolgensma, a gene therapy approved in 2019 to treat spinal muscular atrophy. It costs more than $2.1 million for a single-dose.

It takes about 20 years to develop a new drug.


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