Tips to Increase Employee Retention ::

There are a number of factors that influence the retention of employees at a pharmacy. These include things like a supportive work environment, giving employees rewards and recognition for their efforts, offering them flexibility in their schedules, enabling them to grow in their careers, having good relationships with managers, and offering adequate compensation.

Here are some strategies to increase retention

Thinking about fit

Bad hires are the biggest reason for losing employees, accounting for 80 percent of turnover. One way to avoid this is to focus on the fit between the candidate and the healthcare organization. You need to question the candidates to determine if their personality, background and values would integrate well with others in the organization.

Recognizing effort, not just outcome

Companies recognize employees for their performance, what they achieve. And while this is understandable, it misses an important aspect of the job – effort.

Outcome is usually related to effort, but this is not always the case. Other factors can influence results as well. So you need to be aware of the effort that employees put into their jobs and reward them for that also.

Social responsibility programs

Most employees like the idea of giving back to the community, making a contribution to society and helping those in need. Because of this, having a social responsibility program where employees can participate in giving back is a great way to boost employee retention.


Giving employees mentors can also help with retention. Mentors are not supervisors, but rather, counselors and coaches. They are senior people with more experience, which gives them the knowledge and insight to help newer employees over the hurdles they will face.

Mentors are there to help, encourage, and support their mentees, not to supervise them.

Emphasizing the importance of feedback

Making communication a priority will go a long way toward increasing retention. Workers want to know how they are doing, if they are meeting expectations. So feedback should be something that is routinely given and received.

Pharmacy managers need to communicate as often as possible. They need to give feedback on the work itself, on performance, and how people are doing in their careers.


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