How Can You Make Sure Your New Pharmacist Position Is Right For You? ::

Recent surveys have shown that 70 percent of pharmacists are dissatisfied with their jobs. This figure raises questions about the amount of planning that pharmacy students or recent graduates undertake before making a decision about their career.

Maybe they believed they had adequate information about the jobs before applying. Or because of the tight job market, they were simply happy to find any kind of employment and didn’t see any other options open to them at the time.

This situation, however, highlights the importance of career planning and thinking about where you want to go with your career, what direction you want to take. Here are some steps to consider when thinking about your career

Where you are now

Career planning begins with a review of your current situation, how you feel about it, whether you are happy with it or looking for something more. As the survey revealed, many pharmacists are unhappy where they are at now, and they need to consider why, what it is that makes them dissatisfied with their jobs and what they would enjoy doing more.


It appears that this is something newly minted pharmacists need to work on. They may have been unaware of the many different career opportunities available to them because of advances in technology and medical science. Pharmacists are taking on many new and interesting roles that are expanding their reach.

Research should involve not just an online review and reading of professional journals and publications but also meeting with others in the profession who have more experience and can give advice about career choices.

Goal setting

The next step is setting goals. If you’re thinking about career development, have some endpoint in mind, some outcome that you are striving for. Then, after determining your goal, work out a plan on how to reach it. Consider what steps you need to take to get you from here to there.

It could be that you may need more work experience, or that you need additional training or some additional certifications, or perhaps the advice of a mentor. Figure out the exact actions that you need to take to move forward toward your goal.

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