As a Pharmacist, Here’s How to Support a Customer with a New Diagnosis ::

When a person is diagnosed with a new condition, they might feel uncertain and overwhelmed by what they need to do. They may feel unsure about how they need to manage it.

In cases like this, the pharmacist can be a big help in reassuring the patient and giving them the information they need to get them on the right path. The most effective way to do this is by implementing a patient care process, a systematic approach for providing care.

The pharmacist uses this patient-centered approach working with other providers to produce the best outcomes for patients. It relies on evidence-based principles of practice. It consists of five steps

Collecting information

The first step is to gather information, both subjective and objective, about the patient and their condition to get a better idea of the patient’s medical history and medication history and the status of their condition.


The next step is analyzing the information that has been collected. The pharmacist looks at how the patient’s therapy is working and how it fits into their overall health goals. This helps the pharmacist to identify and prioritize problems that may crop up and also help to deliver the best care for the patient.


After assessing the information, the pharmacist develops a care plan for the patient, working with other health care professionals. The plan needs to be evidence based and cost effective.


The pharmacist carries out the care plan, working with other health care providers

Follow up

In this final phase, the pharmacist monitors the effectiveness of the care plan and makes changes as needed after consulting with other health care providers and the patient.

Working with patients

The process can be as simple as helping a patient learn how to manage treatment for a newly diagnosed condition. For example, one pharmacist talked with a patient and learned that she had recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She was unsure how to manage the condition.

He helped to walk her through the testing process for her blood sugar levels. They found that her blood sugar levels were high, so the pharmacist gave her some advice on how to keep it under control, such as recording her numbers for her doctor. They also talked about metformin, the medication she is taking for her diabetes.

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