Calm an Upset Pharmacy Customer with These Tips ::

Occasionally you will have to deal with customers who are upset about something. It could be a mistake with an appointment or with medication or some other kind of misunderstanding. Whatever it may be, you will have to try and calm the customer and handle their problem.

Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Empathy is key

When a customer is upset, they need to know that you understand their situation, will listen to them and make every effort to address their problem. That is why, when dealing with a frustrated customer, emphasize that you are there to help them and to do whatever you can to take care of their problem.

Stay calm

No matter how upset the customer is, remain calm and amiable. Even if the person appears unreasonable, unwilling to listen, or belligerent, keep your cool. Use a calm and soothing tone of voice and allow the customer to vent. Don’t tell the person to calm down or downplay their problem in any way. This will only make the situation worse.


Find a location that is away from other customers to give the person more privacy while they explain the situation. You should also offer an apology.

Give them your attention

Simply listen as they explain their problem to you. Give them your full attention. Try to get as complete an understanding of what happened as possible. Ask any follow up questions you need to in order to get an accurate picture of the problem.

Addressing the problem

After you have determined exactly what is going on, develop some kind of plan for the steps you need to take to handle the problem. Explain what you are planning to do to the customer and how long your efforts to solve the problem are likely to take. Explain to the customer that you will keep them updated on how things are going. Ask the person if there are any additional action they would like you to take to resolve the problem.

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