The Ultimate Pharmacist Gift Guide ::

If you have a pharmacist on your gift list for the holidays and are wondering what you can get them, here are a few ideas to help you get a jump on the holiday season.

Emogene and Co.

This pharmacist-owned company manufactures skin care products. They are sustainably sourced and organic. Whether you’re looking for a skin care starter kit, a lip balm, hand soap, or similar kinds of products, this is a great choice for the healthcare worker in your life.

Pure Fiji

This is another skin care products company that manufactures such items as scrubs, hydrating oils and lotions. They are a great way to help any healthcare worker relieve the stress of the job.

Pharmacy Bric a Brac

Christmas tree ornaments

You may be wondering what these have to do with pharmacy. The answer is a simple one — the ornaments are shaped like pills. These particular capsules are manufactured by Jonathan Adler. You can also find other pharmacy related ornaments at Etsy.


These candles, made by an anesthesiologist, make great gifts for pharmacists. They smell great. And with names like midazolam, ketamine, and epinephrine, they are sure to bring a smile to the face of any pharmacist

Pharmacy spatulas

These devices are manufactured by a company called Ecounts, which is actually managed by pharmacy students. There are a number of different colors, and you can also get them personalized.

Pharmacy pins

These are made by Vinpin. The pins have pharmacy-themed messages on them and are great for decorating scrubs or white coats. For example, one pin says “wash your hands” and another in the shape of a pair of boxing gloves says “fight antibiotic resistance.”

Health and Wellness


These are a dietary supplements in tablet form made from green plants, such as spinach, aloe Vera, wheat grass, kale, algae, spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass. They are loaded with antioxidants and great for maintaining healthy skin.

Moon Juice

This company manufactures a variety of skin care products, as well as well as dietary supplements. Great for stocking stuffers.

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