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There Are Many Benefits to Virtual Outreach in Patient Care ::

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a great deal of disruption to healthcare treatments for patients. While the situation is now returning to normal, many people are still hesitant to visit their physician or clinic for check-ups and tests. Screenings for conditions such as colon cancer and diabetes are still well below what they were before the… Read more »

Five Great Reasons to Become a Pharmacist ::

If you are looking for a great career, you can do no better than pharmacy. Why? To begin with, the salary is great. The average salary for a pharmacist in the United States is around $140,000 a year. And you are helping people with a fundamental necessity, caring for their health. Another reason is that… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Play a Role in Planning for Impairment Care ::

When someone is cognitively impaired, they have difficulty concentrating, learning, making decisions, and remembering events. This kind of impairment affects about 16 million people in the United States. Moreover, the number of people with the condition is projected to grow as the Baby Boomer generation ages. In 2020, almost six million people over the age… Read more »

Balancing Your Pharmacy Career Can Help Improve Operations ::

When running a pharmacy, you wear many hats – executive officer, financial officer, HR director, marketing manager, insurance liaison, customer service rep, and more. During the day, it may feel like you are being pulled from one problem to another, that you are stretched too thin. It doesn’t leave much time for activities that will… Read more »

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Pharmacist Resume ::

Your resume is like an advertisement. The product that is being sold is you. So, like an advertisement, you need to explain why the product is so great that someone would want to buy it. Why is this product so much better than other similar ones? If you have been sending out numerous resumes but… Read more »

Pharmacy is Always Evolving – Learn How to Adapt Your Skills ::

The job market for pharmacists is much tighter now than in the past. In fact, the number of pharmacy jobs is expected to decline by three percent over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To become more marketable when jobs are tight, look at gaining new skills that will help… Read more »

This is What a Pharmacist’s Role Will Look Like After Covid-19 ::

Public health emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic give pharmacists an opportunity to show what they can do in providing a range of medical services. In the past, when such public health crises occurred, pharmacists were given the authority to administer vaccines and, during the opioid epidemic, to provide naloxone to patients who were at risk… Read more »

Learn 4 Important Tips for Revitalizing Your Pharmacy Career ::

It can happen in any profession. The routine starts to wear you down a little. It’s a little tougher to get through the day. Pharmacists are not immune to a little professional fatigue. Here are some tips to help revitalize your motivation. Do More Reading There may be some aspect of pharmacy that you would… Read more »

How to Improve the Relationship Between Pharmacists and Physicians ::

When it comes to collaboration between physicians and pharmacists, there is one simple thing to be said – it needs to be improved. Lack of Collaboration One big structural obstacle is that documentation related to specific patients cannot be shared between the two. Time constraints are another problem. Pharmacists complain that they often have problems… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Can Help Manage Migraines in Psychiatric Patients ::

People with psychiatric conditions are at greater risk of developing migraines, and the reverse is true as well. Treating a patient with migraines is more difficult when the person also has a psychiatric illness. But pharmacists have the expertise to help manage both of these conditions. Unique Challenges However, treating them presents unique challenges and… Read more »