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Learn How To Improve Communication In Your Pharmacy ::

Communication skills are important for pharmacists because they converse with patients every day, counseling them about the drugs they are taking, how and when to take them, as well as any side effects the medication may have. Effective communication is essential for pharmacists. Here are Five Ways to Improve Communication. 1. Preconceptions Don’t assume people… Read more »

Important Traits to Look for When Hiring a Pharmacy Team ::

Having the right people is crucial for a pharmacy to provide the best service to patients and conduct its operations effectively. But that’s easier said than done. There are many different variables to consider when you are looking for people to fill your positions. They need to have the technical knowledge and skill, but they… Read more »

How to Train Your Pharmacy Staff on New Technology ::

Healthcare is changing rapidly as new technology is continuously being introduced into different healthcare settings. Pharmacy is no exception. Keeping up with advances in technology requires ongoing training for pharmacists and their staff. Here are some tips on how to train pharmacy staff effectively in the use of new technology. Watch how you frame it… Read more »

Scientific Research on Identifying High-Potential Employees ::

High-potential employees are those with the talent to make a big impact on an organization. They have the capacity to make an outsized contribution to the productivity of the business. Usually just a small percentage of the workforce makes most of the contribution toward productivity – the top 20 percent contributes to 80 percent of… Read more »

How to Determine the ROI of a New Employee ::

In the current business climate, pharmacy recruiters who are trying to make the case for investing in new hires need to show organizations what kind of return they are going to get for their investment. Here are ways to show that the ROI will be a positive one. Have a Method Establish a set of… Read more »

Tips for Effectively Conducting an Exit Interview ::

Exit interviews are important, and most companies today realize this. These conversations can reveal key information about the company that may help to enhance employee engagement and improve retention. Here are a few tips for effective exit interviews. Make sure the interviewer is knowledgeable. The interviewer should be trained in how to conduct an exit… Read more »

How to Determine if a Candidate is Reliable ::

Trying to gauge a person’s character solely from a job interview is not the easiest thing to do. But hiring managers have some resources at their disposal to help assess what kind of worker a job candidate will be. One of the most important character traits employers want is reliability. It is essential. Companies need… Read more »

The Importance of Investing in Employee Satisfaction ::

Maintaining employee engagement is important. It is something more companies and healthcare organizations need to focus on. Why is it so essential? The answer is simple – employees who are happy with their jobs stay with a company, and they are more productive. Engagement and Productivity Studies show employees who are happy with their jobs… Read more »

Why a Strong Employer-Employee Relationship Matters ::

It’s not too hard to figure out that having a good relationship with your employees is important for two main reasons – it leads to better performance and productivity, and it helps the company retain its employees. In the business world, a strong employer-employee relationship is generally referred to as employee engagement. When employees are… Read more »

Advantages of Hiring Through a Pharmacy Recruitment Agency ::

When looking to fill a pharmacy position, many healthcare organizations take the traditional route of advertising for the job and using in-house resources to find applicants. But many places are increasingly turning to recruiting agencies to help fill pharmacy openings, and with good reason. There are many advantages to using a recruiting agency. Here are… Read more »